PokéMonday: Shiny Kalos Legendaries!


Today on PokéMonday, Let’s take a look a the Kalos Region Legendary Tins!

Shiny XY & Complete Forme Z

With Summer Time, comes the Summer Tins.

For those who aren’t familiar with Pokémon TCG Tins. They’re Seasonal Collections usually following a theme, and this year’s Summer Tins feature the Legendaries from the Kalos Region, Shiny Xerneas, Shiny Yveltal & Complete Forme Zygarde.

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Now let’s take a closer look at the contents.

The first thing you’ll get is the Exclusive Promo EX Pokémon, shown on the front of the Tin. These Promos are re-prints of existing cards from the current Standard Format. However they each do feature a unique variant artwork.

Within the Tins, you will also get 4 Booster Packs, 2 from the Current “Fates Collide” Set, as well as 1 pack from “BREAKThrough”, which debuted the current BREAK Evolution Mechanic, and 1 pack from “Roaring Skies” which is one of the highly sought after sets from the current Standard Format.

The Pokémon TCG: Shiny Kalos Tins also contain code cards that  can  be redeemed in Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. These code cards will unlock a digital version of the corresponding promo and also unlock a full deck and matching deck box featuring Xerneas, Yveltal, or Zygarde for your online collection!

So come down today! These Tins are available in store right now!



Games @ PI is hosting a Board Game Night On 22nd June 2016


Hey PI-Fans,

Those of you following our newsletter should already have heard that the Games @ PI staff will hosting another board game night on 22nd June 2016 from 7.30 pm to 9 pm. This time around, we’re playing Galaxy Trucker, a tile laying bidding game which prooves that everything was built by the lowest bidder and Ninja Camp, a fast and furious game of getting out of dodge.

If you’re interested in trying out these titles, come on down and play a round or two with the Games @ PI staff, or Bring-Your-Own-Board-Game and have some fun.


In a galaxy far, far away… they need sewer systems, too. Corporation Incorporated builds them. Everyone knows their drivers — the brave men and women who fear no danger and would, if the pay was good enough, even fly through Hell.

Galaxy Trucker is a tile laying game that plays out over two phases: building and flying. The goal is to have the most credits at the end of the game. You can earn credits by delivering goods, defeating pirates, building an efficient ship, and being the furthest along the track at the end of the flying phase.

Goooood morning, campers! I hope you got plenty of sleep last night, because Sensei Saru has a full day of training in store for you!

Ninja Camp pits animal martial artists against one another in a training exercise where the best will become the personal ninja apprentice of Sensei Saru. Each player starts with two cards, each representing a ninja skill, with the rest of the deck making up the game board. By using the cards in their hand, players navigate the board, adding new skills to their hand as they do—and leaving fewer movement options for their fellow campers. Each player also has a unique ninja ability that he can use once per game to try to turn the game in his favor.

So study your lessons well, and be quicker and craftier than your fellow campers, as Sensei only invites the best to be his personal apprentices. Will it be YOU?!



22nd June, 7.30 – 9 pm