Tabletop Day Open Gaming 2016

Hey PI-Fans,

Geek and Sundry’s Tabletop has been a regular fixture among gamers of all stripes since it’s inception in 2012.

It goes without saying that we’re fans too.

On Tabletop Day tomorrow (29/4/16), we’ll be leaving out some of our personal favourites like Codenames, Dice City, New York 1901, Sentinels of the Multiverse and more.

So, come on down, play games and have fun.

May The 4th Be With You

Games @ PI is celebrating Star Wars Day with a Star Wars Sale

Hey PI-Fans,

A long long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, “May the 4th Be With You” was originally coined in the far-away land of the United Kingdom to mark the ascension to Prime Minister of a certain Margaret Thatcher. (Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka?)
His name is Kettch, and he’s an Ewok.
Now, we better know May the 4th as Star Wars Day. What is Star Wars Day you ask? Here’s an explanation by Star Trek Voyager’s Tim Russ.
Those of you following from home would know we announced a sale of 10% off all Star Wars products on May the 4th to celebrate the Star Wars Day. Sadly we realize Star Wars Day is (shockingly) not a public holiday and some customers have left feedback that they can’t make it on the day…Oh, yes. Determined to fight. You should hear him say, ‘Yub, yub.’ He makes it a battle cry.
We feel your pain. After all why should anyone be deprived of Star Wars for something as mundane as work?
I’m going to get you, Janson.
So. Here’s how it’s going to work.

From now until the end of May the 4th, we’ll extend our 10% off all Star Wars branded merchandise to any customer who comes to store, goes to the counter staff and proclaims:


So, in the mean time, keep those blasters firing and those lightsabers swinging folks and have a great Star Wars Day!

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager Yub, yub, Commander.

Just for the record by the way, his name Is Kettch.


Running Ragged

Hey PI-Fans,

It’s time to hack-and-crack on the 28th of April, with the release of FFG’s new Salsette Island Data Pack for Android: Netrunner and the Android: Mainframe board game.

In the dystopian future of the Android universe, elite cybercriminals know as Netrunners vie for control of cyberspace – in Mainframe, runners have penetrated a bank’s security and are attempting to siphon vulnerable accounts. Place down  programs to cordon of chunks of the compromised network under your control and battle with other runners to secure the greatest quantity of vulnerable accounts.

In Salsette Island, however, the corporations aren’t taking the Runner problem lying down – an alliance of corporations led by the Jinteki Megacorp has begun operations in the Indian Union. Will this be enough to tip the balance of power back into the Corporation’s favor? Find out in this latest installment of the Mumbad cycle.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager


Board and Card Game New Releases
Android: Mainframe
Android Netrunner: Salsette Island

Board and Card Game Restocks
Fury of Dracula
Sushi Go

Role Playing Game Restocks
Reaper Bones Miniatures

Game Nights @ PI : Splendor

Games @ PI is hosting a Splendor Game Night On 4th May 2016

Hey PI-Fans,

The Games @ PI staff will be cracking out Space Cowboy’s award winning Splendor on Wednesday, 4th May 2016. Never played Splendor before? The Games @ PI staff will be on hand to walk you through the game.

We’ll also be handing out a limited edition promo tile to each participant, so come down to Games @ PI and play this award winning game with our friendly staff.

In Splendor, take on the role of a Renaissance merchant and purchase the most profitable mines, the most efficient means of transportation and the most illustrious jewelry shops in order to acquire more prestige than your opponents. The more prestigious you are, the more likely you are to allure a noble – whose visit will only gain you even more prestige.

The most prestigious jeweler at the end of the game wins!





Keep The 4th of May Free

Play Games, Have Fun, Get Swag!

Big Space Monday

|Hey PI-Fans,

It’s another Monday, which means stuff. Oddly enough, this weeks theme appears to be Big Space, with more space combat and exploration than you can shake a proton torpedo at.

Given big space is the theme, it’s unsurprising that several huge 4x (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) games dominate the lineup. Restocks of Twilight Imperium, Warhammer 40,000 Forbidden Stars and the often sought Eclipse supply enough warring space empires to sate the palette of the space empire connoisseur.

This isn’t to say that space is all about deep strategy though. Games like Space Alert, Galaxy Trucker and Star Munchkin are riotous fun as starships explode and crew panic.

And for those of a wargaming bent, we haven’t forgotten you either with a full line restock of the critically acclaimed Star Wars: Armada. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the satisfaction of what Kotaku gleefully called “1000 guns at 1000 paces while sipping a nice cup of tea“, then you owe it to yourself to try out this Golden Geek nominee.

Space not your thing? Frantically chase pandas in Takenoko, duel for control of Westeros with the Game of Thrones LCG or ride the rails in Ticket to Ride.

Something for everyone on a Monday.

Have a great week folks.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

Board and Card Game New Releases
A Game of Thrones LCG: Wolves of the North Deluxe Expansion
A Game of Thrones LCG: Calm Over Westeros Expansion
Warhammer 40,000 Conquest: Wrath of the Crusader

Board and Card Game Restocks
Descent 2E Core Set
Forbidden Stars
Galaxy Trucker and Expansions
Munchkin Guest Artist Edition
Munchkin Deluxe
San Juan
Space Alert and Expansions
Takenoko Chibis
Ticket To Ride
Twilight Imperium

Miniature Wargame Restocks
Star Wars Armada Full Range
Star Wars X-Wing Wave 8

Welcome To The Working Week

Hey PI-Fans,

Hope your weekend went great. We had a great time with Space-Marine-Day. Anyway, it’s Monday, so back to work.

We’ve opened up a new pallet, and we’re ready to head back into the Dungeon with all new editions of Vlaada Chvátil’s Dungeon Petz and Dungeon Lords.

Next up is Galaxy Trucker, including The Big Expansion, Another Big Expansion and the Latest Models expansions

Likewise, we’ve restocked Tzolkin, Space Alert, Tokaido, Catan and Alchemists on the  board game front and reloaded our D&D rulebook trilogy.

So here’s to a week of gaming ahead.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager


Board and Card Game New Releases
Last Will

Board and Card Game Restocks
Catan and Expansions
Galaxy Trucker and Expansions
Munchkin and Expansions
Puerto Rico
Scotland Yard
Space Alert
Tokaido and Expansions

Role Playing Game Restocks
D&D Dungeon Masters Guide
D&D Monster Manual
D&D Players Handbook

Space Marine Day

Hey PI-Fans,

Our resident hobbyists got together on Space Marine Day (16/04/16) to participate in the Space Marine Day Build-A-Marine workshop at Games @ PI.

Here are the entries which were completed by the 5 pm cut-off time.

Which is your favorite?

Let us know by 23rd April, 2pm, when our heroic Marines will take to the field in a very special episode of the Deathwatch: Overkill board game.

Will they survive? Join us to find out.

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30 Years of Service in the Emperor’s Name

Hey PI-Fans,

This Saturday marks the 30th Anniversary of the Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine, and Games @ PI is kicking off celebrations on the 16th of April, with a Build-A-Hero event from 1pm to 6pm.

We’ve also procured limited quantities of the limited edition 30th Anniversary Imperial Space Marine model, which we’ll be releasing to the public on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Up for a nostalgia trip? Grab a copy of Index Astartes, and take a walk down memory lane, to where there were Half-Eldar Librarians (SHOCK HORROR), and take a look at the developmental  history of this iconic warrior. Or pick up your copy of Angels of Death and flesh out your Astartes Taskforce with all new formations and psychic powers.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our Deathwatch Marine workshop on Saturday, and excited to see what you’ll be slapping together on the day itself.

See you Saturday, folks.
– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager
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