A Dicey Prospect

Hey PI-Fans,

After that board game heavy reload over the weekend, we’ve taken the opportunity to take a step back this Monday and reload those dice racks. If you need a new set of polyhedral dice or maybe just one or two (to replace the ones you’ve ended up making an example of), now is the time.

And as for all you miniature wargamers. we’ve not forgotten you either. In addition to a small shipment of X-Wing Force Awakens starters, we’ve managed to get our hands on some of those lovely DUST Tactics Operation Babylon kits.

Quantities are limited, though, so move fast.

I’ll see you all on the battlefield.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager


New Miniature Wargame Release
Dust Tactics Axis Konigslothar Heavy Walker
Dust Tactics Axis Fox Cubs NDAK  Command Squad
Dust Tactics Axis Sand Vipers NDAK Battle Grenadier Squad
Dust Tactics Axis African Lions NDAK  Tank Hunter Squad
Dust Tactics Axis Desert Sun  Wehrmacht Heavy Flamer Grenadiers
Dust Tactics Allies Mustangs USMC Command Squad
Dust Tactics Allies Mavericks USMC Rifle Squad
Dust Tactics Allies The Saints USMC Demolitions Team
Dust Tactics Allies Steel Marines USMC Engineer Squad
Dust Tactics Allies Devil Dogs USMC Fire Team
Dust Tactics SSU Task Force Command  Spetznaz Command Squad

Board Game Restocks
Smash Up Pretty Pretty Expansion

Miniature Wargame Restocks
Star Wars X-Wing Force Awakens Starter Set

Hobby Supplies Restocks
Chessex Dice Restocks


Time For New Stuff

“Restocks are in on a Saturday morning.”

Morning PI-Fans,

With a momentary respite in the smog choking the place, perhaps its time to freshen up your collection too with a bunch of new titles.

If Takenoko’s panda wasn’t already driving the gardener insane… the introduction of a second panda might just push the poor dude over the edge. The Emperor of China has sent another gift – this time a FEMALE panda. Want to flood the board in panda cubs? The Takenoko Chibis expansion might be for you.

In Parfum you assume the rule of a master perfumer trying to distill the most desired fragrances and sell them to the picky customers. Each customer has their own favorite fragrance that a perfume must contain as well as a price they‘re willing to pay. Will players wake up early to snatch the best ingredients? Or are they willing to sleep in and hope for the best?

The Builders: Antiquity — a standalone card game based on The Builders: Middle Ages — offers a whole range of challenges to its builders. Between hiring workers, managing their organization, purchasing slaves or tools, and taking out loans, you’ll have to make the right decisions to fulfill your dream: Becoming the greatest builder the age has ever known. But don’t you get caught with slaves at the end of an era, you’re going to have problems on your hands.

Can’t get enough of Cash n’ Guns? It’s time for the More Cash n’ More Guns expansion. In this expansion to the run-away hit, you’ll be able to get your hands on four new pistols, new loot cards and new special powers. Just when you were starting to relax around  your fellow thieves, crooks and criminals, More Cash N’ More Guns will leave you looking over your shoulder long after the police sirens have faded.

We’ve also taken the time to restock our Dixit and Ticket to Ride wall too and if you’ve been hunting for Libertalia and Shadows over Camelot, they’re back too.

Have a great weekend folks, and don’t forget to stop by.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager


New Board Game Releases
Cash n’ Guns – More Cash n’ More Guns Expansion
Takenoko Chibis Expansion
The Builders – Antiquity

Board Game Restocks
7 Wonders
7 Wonders Leaders
7 Wonders Cities
7 Wonders Babel
Cash n’ Guns
Dixit Odyssey Expansion
Dixit Quest Expansion
Dixit Daydreams Expansion
Dixit Origins Expansion
Ladies and Gentlemen
Shadows Over Camelot
Ticket to Ride
Ticket to Ride Europe
Ticket to Ride Asia Map Collection
Ticket to Ride Nederlands Map Collection

Formula D :D

Gearing up for Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix this weekend?


Share in our excitement as well as we present to you the Formula D Streets of Singapore bundle which includes both the Core Set and the Singapore Expansion for the amazing price of $125 (usual price:  $153.90).

The Universe of Tomorrow… Today…

New Netrunner Pack Is In, Folks!

The Universe of Tomorrow is in just in time for Netrunner Tuesdays at Games @ PI.

And for those of you wondering what this bestselling card game is about, don’t forget to drop by after 6 for a demo with our friendly community.


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Once Upon a Time 3rd Edition

Once upon a time

Once Upon A Time (3rd Edition)

Written By: Mokan
Edited By: Simon Joseph
Date of Review: 21/9/15

Have you ever thought of how fairy tales are created? Have you ever wanted to create your own fairy tales? That’s what Once Upon A Time (3rd Edition) allows you to do. Once Upon A Time is a story-telling card game meant for 2 to 6 players. The game initiates collaboration and creativity amongst players.

Players would receive an ending card at the start of the game,and the objective is to steer the story towards the ending that is stated on their ending card, while getting rid of all other story cards in hand.

Once upon a time 3

The players come to a conclusion on who becomes the first story teller. Other players might try to steal the role of storyteller by playing a card that contains a word that the storyteller made used of in their story, or by having the current storyteller end their turn. Either of this action would cause a change in story teller and the new story teller would have to continue the story from where it was last left off. All the cards, including the ending cards, have a fairy tale theme which makes the entire storytelling family friendly.

Once upon a time (3rd Edition) is a great storytelling game that can be played by a wide variety of age groups, that guarantees endless joy and fun new fairy tale creation that the player will experience when they play it.

Savage Worlds RPG

Savage Worlds

Kew Sheng Yao
Date of review: 22/9/2015
Edited by: Simon Joseph

A mighty barbarian leads a horde of savages against his blood-sworn foes. A crazy rebel pilots his fighter against a galactic empire. A party of adventurers raids the tomb of an ancient lich. If you like the sound of that, then start exploring the never ending of Savage Worlds.

Savage Worlds is a role-playing game and miniatures wargame. Like Dungeons and Dragons, it allows the player to create their very own fantasy characters. This also means that players starts literally nothing but just a short story given by the dungeon master. From there on, let your imagination take you where it leads. The theme maybe also varies depending on the dungeon master. Savage World focus on speed of play and does not require much preparation as this game is solely based on imagination.

An example for Dungeons and Dragons is that it uses the D20 system for skills. For Savage Worlds, the dice used are varies depending on how good is that character’s skill level. In the deluxe version, there are more new powers, setting rules, situational rules. If you’re ready, then get savage!

Pathfinder Roleplaying

Pathfinder Role Playing
Kew Sheng Yao
Date of review: 22/9/2015
Edited by: Simon Joseph

Take on the role of a fighter, a vicious warrior that cuts through enemies with power melee attacks; Wizard, with various range magic attacks to decimate the enemies; Cleric, that heals and protects those who are in danger with the magical buffs or a Rogue, the sneaky walking trap that can defuse many kind of traps that stand in its way. Join them in a quest adventure to fight to survive in a world that has been engulfed by magic and evil in Pathfinder.

Pathfinder is an imaginative role-playing game that is similar to Dungeons and Dragons where there will be a dungeon master or game master to start off the game with a short story. But for the character making, the game itself have already premade a few for the players. Players have to use that instead of having the freedom to create on their own. Here’s the catch, there is a core rule book that state otherwise. The core rulebook allows players to create the characters freely like you would in Dungeons and Dragons, however, the core rulebook is not included in the starter pack and is sold separately.

It’s fairly easy for beginner to understand. For those who have experience in playing Dungeons and Dragons can look forward to Pathfinder as it also gives a different feel and environments. The only limit of this game is your imagination.

Star Wars Roleplaying

Star Wars Roleplaying Game

Written By : Mokan
Edited by: Simon Joseph
Date of Review: 22/9/15

Star Wars Roleplaying Game comes in three variants. The first variant was the Star Wars: Edge of Empire. It was later followed by Star Wars: Age of Rebellion and Star Wars: Force and Destiny. Although all three variants were released separately, they can be used with each other, or as a standalone.


As in other Roleplaying games, Star Wars Roleplaying Game also requires the player to take on the role of a character and perform certain actions to emerge victorious. Star Wars Roleplaying Game also allows the player to create a custom character if they wish to. Players can also build their their own characters. They can specialize their characters for specific roles and by doing so they could gain “talent” which will power up their character even more.


A unique feature that exists in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game is the Obligation System. The Obligation System helps the Game Master (GM) to add more depth to the story and to the characters as well, and is more important in new character creation. Another feature, the narrative dice, is a robust mechanic that is present in all three section of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. There are seven separate dice with eight distinct symbols. The seven dice are 3 positive dice, 3 negative dice, and a force die. Each die can be interpreted differently by the GM which creates room to diversify the story. Each of the 3 sections have different general theme in it and given adventure that goes with it.


For those who feel that the game is too content heavy and complex, there is always the Star Wars: Edge of Empire Beginner Box. In Star Wars: Edge of Empire Beginner Box the adventure are pre-set and it comes with a simpler rules. This helps to reduce the amount of mastery and skill needed to play the game. By the time they are done with the adventure, the players would be experienced enough to understand the basic rules and they can then choose to create custom characters and play on the Star Wars: Edge of Empire Beginner Box or they can choose to proceed on to one of the three main sections of Star Wars Roleplaying Game.

Star Wars Roleplaying Game is a great game that can be played by many players and is very much diverse so that no one game session would be the same ever again. It’s new and captivating mechanics, along with custom characterization and huge number of adventures would definitely be appreciated and wanted by many role playing game fans.