Pathfinder Role Playing
Kew Sheng Yao
Date of review: 22/9/2015
Edited by: Simon Joseph

Take on the role of a fighter, a vicious warrior that cuts through enemies with power melee attacks; Wizard, with various range magic attacks to decimate the enemies; Cleric, that heals and protects those who are in danger with the magical buffs or a Rogue, the sneaky walking trap that can defuse many kind of traps that stand in its way. Join them in a quest adventure to fight to survive in a world that has been engulfed by magic and evil in Pathfinder.

Pathfinder is an imaginative role-playing game that is similar to Dungeons and Dragons where there will be a dungeon master or game master to start off the game with a short story. But for the character making, the game itself have already premade a few for the players. Players have to use that instead of having the freedom to create on their own. Here’s the catch, there is a core rule book that state otherwise. The core rulebook allows players to create the characters freely like you would in Dungeons and Dragons, however, the core rulebook is not included in the starter pack and is sold separately.

It’s fairly easy for beginner to understand. For those who have experience in playing Dungeons and Dragons can look forward to Pathfinder as it also gives a different feel and environments. The only limit of this game is your imagination.