Star Wars: X-wing, Armada & Imperial Assault

STAR WARS: X WINGS, ARMARDA, IMPERIAL ASSAULT Written By: Mokan Edited By: Simon Joseph Date of Review: 22/9/15 Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game is a miniature war game that features tactical ship to ship dogfighting between various Starfighters. As for Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game, they are two particular elements that separates itself from the other competitions. Those two elements are the unique maneuver dial and the attack and damage system. Each craft has a unique maneuver dial given to it. The craft would have to make use of this maneuver dial to secretly plot its movements. This element adds a sense of suspense and also adding strategic decision making with it. This design element does path gateways for power play to be made. The other new design element would be the attack and damage system implemented in it. Unlike other miniature war games, Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game calculates [...]