All Ships Scramble

"The bomber will always get through. The only defense is in offense, which means that you have to kill more women and children more quickly that the enemy if you want to save yourselves." - Stanley Baldwin Hey PI-Fans, Better shut those blast doors and brace for impact, 'cos we've just unloaded a slew of restocks in our store, and we can promise you, they're in demand. If you're out to make Machi Koro better than ever, then you'd better be ready to leave the suburbs and head for Millionaire's Row. Build Wineries and fancy French Restaurants as you race your friends to win mayoral approval. Take the fight to the Battle Worlds in the all  new Marvel Legendary Secret Wars Volume 1 expansion. Battle along with all new heroes to save the Marvel universe, or scheme away as the Mastermind to ruin their plans and plunge the universe into chaos in [...]

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Monday Restocks

Hey PI-Fans, We've been spending a bit of time in Westeros recently, and were wondering if you'd care to join us. Yep. The Games of Thrones  Board Game and the Westeros Intrigue Card Game are back in stock at Games @ PI. Not into this fantasy thing? Perhaps you'd like to visit the Neo-Future NBN stronghold of Android Netrunner's "Old Hollywood". Let's go, runners. – Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager ___________________________________________________________________________ New Board Game Releases A Game of Thrones Board Game: A Dance With Dragons Expansion A Game of Thrones Board Game: A Feast of Crows Expansion Android Netrunner: Old Hollywood The Undercity: An Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game Board Game Restocks A Game of Thrones Board Game Cosmic Encounters Hobby Supplies Restocks Chessex Dice Restocks Army Painter Basecoating Brush Army Painter Highlighting Brush Army Painter Precise Detail Brush Army Painter Stippling Brush Army Painter Large Drybrush Army Painter Character Brush Army [...]

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