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Reminder – Call of Chaos!

Greetings PI-Fans, Those seeking to earn a 25% discount of a single item from our store should be reminded that the deadline for registration for the painting contest is February 20th, 2016! For those that have already registered, don't forget that the deadline for submission of your model is on March 19th, 2016. Here's where you can find more information! Clicky! Good luck to all those seeking to earn the favour of the Dark Gods!

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Bundles of Power – Age of Sigmar

With the release of AGE OF SIGMAR: BALANCE OF POWER comes the GAMES@PI: BUNDLES OF POWER! The Age of Sigmar continues with escalation of the Realmgate Wars. Battles raging across the Realms. In Ghyran, the Realm of Life, the forces of Nurgle pushes on with the Great Corruption of Ghyran. While in Aqshy, the Realm of Fire, the Fyreslayers Lodges defend their homes against the scurrying Skaven Clans. And in Shyish, the Realm of Death, the Neferata's Deathlords repel the Slanneshi forces of Lord Lascilion. Join in these battles  with one of these fantastic bundles. Ranging from the Raging Fyreslayers to the Repugnant Rotbringers, even the Craven Skavens have joined the fray. Each of these bundles is a Age of Sigmar; Balance of Power Battalion. Get a great deal on a Citadel Figure Case to carry your armies across the Nine Realms as well, with every purchase of a Bundle of Power. Come down [...]

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A monthly update – February

Hey PI-Fans, There's tons of stuff happening in February at Games @ PI! Here's a couple of notes of things to take note of. A Dropzone Commander campaign launches tomorrow! Interested? Come on down to the store to find out more about the campaign, or you could always play a game or two with the veterans here! Everyone is welcome! Check out the local Dropzone Commander Community Facebook page for more details. The Call of Chaos Painting Contest is ongoing! Will you heed the call? The closing for registrations is February 20th 2016, and the deadline for submissions is on March 19th 2016. More information about the painting contest can be found here! With Chinese New Year is around the corner, our staff is taking a much needed break to spend time with their families. We're open for half a day on the eve, and we'll be closed on the first day of Chinese [...]

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New Year, New Army. Start Collecting! with Great Savings!

Games @ PI is here to help you compare the price differences for Games Workshop's Start Collecting! Box Sets for both Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000! This will assist you in understanding how much you'll be saving! Seraphon - $223 $120 You save $103! Oldblood on Carnosaur - $120 Saurus Knights - $48 Saurus Warriors - $55 Slaves to Darkness - $178 $120 You save $58! Chaos Chariot - $60 Warriors of Chaos - $48 Chaos Knights - $48 Chaos Sorcerer Lord - $22 Greenskinz - $178.80 $120 You save $58.80! Orruk Boar Chariot – $45 Orruk Boar Boys – $43.80 Orruk Warboss – $45 Orruk Boys - $45 Daemons of Nurgle - $198 $120 You save $78! Nurglings - $36 Plaguebearers - $42 Plague drones - $84 Herald of Nurgle - $36 Daemons of Khorne - $181 $120 You save $61! Herald on Blood Throne - $60 Bloodcrushers - $79 Bloodletters - $42 Malignants - $176 $120 You save $56! Mortis Engine - [...]

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Happy New Year!

The new year is upon us! Happy 2016 everyone! Here's a little update at what's been going on at Games @ PI in the month of December. On December 4th 2015, our friend from Poland, Tytus, joined us here at our store for a little game of Warhammer 40,000 with our staff, Aaron! Despite some delays with the flight, Tytus managed to make it to our store with his little army of Blood Angels! Tytus' sanguinary priest is well painted despite his busy schedule. Left: Tytus had to have a little crash course on the rules since its been awhile since he last played. The 750 point game was didn't take too long and although Tytus lost the battle, both parties concluded their game with a firm handshake. If you're interested in an in-depth battle report on the game that Tytus and Aaron, you can check out Tytus' wargaming blog here! [...]

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And the Winners are..

With the Hunt for Cypher Painting Contest concluded, here are our winners! Congratulations! We would like to thank everyone that participated in the painting contest; your creative interpretations of Cypher were amazing! Here you can see the amazing Cypher that impressed us! The contest winner Zheng Han John's magnificent Cypher sculpt impressed our judges. The Runner-up for the Hunt of Cypher painting contest is amazing as well! Li Chunfu's impressive pose for Cypher leaves us in awe as well! Once again, congratulations to our winners! Please approach our staff for more information and assistance on your reward. Keep a look out for future painting contests!

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Stock Clearance – Citadel Shade Paints

With the introduction of the new Citadel Shade 24ml pots, we would like to clear off the 12ml paint pots! We're offering the paint pots at two for S$11! (Usual price $6.50 per pot) So hurry! Limited stocks available!

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December Games Workshop Bundle!

With the holidays here, it's a good time for some of us to get back in touch with our hobbies! Games Workshop has a few bundles up for grab and we would like to help you save too! Order the bundles directly through us and save yourself an additional 10%! Hurry up though! The closing date for our promotion is December 14th, 2015. Check with our staff for more information. The following bundles can be ordered through us; Tau Empire Retaliation Cadre S$312 S$281 Stormcast Eternals Expansion Set S$300 S$270 Khorne Bloodbound Expansion Set S$300 S$270 Seraphon Thunderbeast Host S$300 S$270 Citadel Project Paint Box S$300 S$270 Relicos Militarum S$360 S$324 Space Marine Battle Demi-Company S$324 S$292 Adeptus Mechanicus Battle Maniple S$312 S$281 Adeptus Mechanicus Elimination Maniple S$216 S$194 Chaos Dreadhold Helfort S$420 S$378

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Betrayal at Calth Painting Log Part 1

Kew's Painting Log  Hi everyone, today I’m going to show all of you that painting can be done in three simple steps, Washing, Over brushing and Dry brushing. Those that follow these steps will be able to paint decently enough, even for beginners. First of all, you need to undercoat the miniature it with a primer. Primer is a coating layer that helps ensure that the paint stick on the miniature and does not fall off easily. For beginners, I would recommend priming it either black or white.  The reason I primed it [the model] white is because I’ll be painting it yellow for the base colour. As yellow is a bright colour, priming it black may not be a good idea because it will cause the model to look duller after painting a bright colour on a black surface. Now the issue with a white undercoat is that it [...]

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The Hunt for Cypher

Stand a chance to win yourself a 25% off a single item in our store! Have you already signed up for the Hunt for Cypher painting contest? Don't worry if you haven't already done so, remember to sign up by the end of November to earn yourself a $6 Store Dice. Need more details? Head over to this post to find out more about the painting contest. We look forward to judging all your fantastic models!

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