Ladies and Gentlemen, start your… Golems?

Hey PI-Fans,

Reiner Knizia’s classic Colossal Arena (Aka. Titan: The Arena Aka. Galaxy: The Dark Ages Aka. Grand National Derby) has recieved Plan B’s Golem theming in Equinox – Golem Edition, a cutthroat competition where players bet on competing Golems, vying to ensure that the Golems they have bid on are the ones which  escape elimination.

Players will play cards matching the different golem suits to ensure the golems they want to win have the highest overall ratings. Also, player can use the special powers of the golems they have backed to shape the competition by drawing, discarding or swapping the cards played, allowing them to hopefully come out ahead of the opposition.

Bet, scheme and strategize to ensure the Golems you wager on advance through competition rounds without being eliminated while ensuring your continue to climb the ranks of the compeition.

Will your Golem come out on top? And which player will have the best returns on their bets?