Hey PI-Fans,

March trundles ever onwards, with a stack of Blue Orange titles plonking onto the shelf.

If you’re a fan of the modern classing Kingdomino, it’s back on the shelf along with the sequel Queendomino and the Age of Giants expansion that increases the maximum number of players in-game to five. Also new on the shelf is Moon River, Bruno Cathala’s newest swing at the Kingdomino formula, which sees players taking on the role of cattle ranchers with customizable jigsaw-style build-your-own-domino pieces.

If you wanted something less cerebral, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza might be up your alley. In this reaction based game, players rush to slap their hands on a stack of cards if the card on the stack matches the chant.  Together with the standalone variants of Taco Back Goat Cheese Pizza and Taco Hat Cake Gift Pizza, if you’re in the market for a neat little speed reaction game, you’re in luck.

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Main game image for Moon River While playing this tile placement game, you will develop the lands that you inherited along the famous Moon River. Corn fields, meadows, forests… you will need to explore these thoroughly to find the best plots, then exploit their precious resources and make your herds prosper. But the Wild West is ruthless! Beware of bandits, thieves and drought that could keep you from developing the most fruitful land!

Moon River uses the original game mechanic found in Blue Orange bestseller Kingdomino and was co-designed by the same author, Bruno Cathala. In the game, you will build a personal landscape of tiles to score points, but instead of tiling dominoes in your landscape, the game uses half-dominoes in which one edge has a jigsaw puzzle-style connection. You combine two of these half puzzle pieces to craft your own dominoes. This mechanism is meant to provide more variability and randomization in each play.