Hey PI-Fans, 

Let me just get this out of the way. In ‘Everybody Lies’, you don’t play Batman.

Instead, players mosey around Gotham as one of four ‘allied’ investigators, journalist Warren Spacey, reporter Vicki Vale, detective Harvey Bullock or the cat burglar Selina Kyle, working together to crack cases.

Each player will ultimately have access to different sets of information while also possessing secret ‘hidden agenda’ mechanic with goals they need to complete and their own win conditions, an elegant solution to the problem of the ‘table tyrant’ in an investigative game.

To succeed, players must gather clues and information regarding the case, often forcing them to utilize police and underworld connections, and occasionally turn to the Dark Knight himself while looking up information on a digital database of clues using the Detective App that reveals hidden information like a game master in an escape room. In Everybody Lies, players utilize a variety of physical and digital game components – a deck of cards with essential clues and plot twists, various physical handouts, and a dedicated website with access to in-world resources from the Gotham City Gazette archives.

Are you up to venturing into the darkness of Gotham City’s seedy underbelly?

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