Greetings Merchants and Magnates,

Grow your wealth, increase your prestige, and be the best around!

Players up the role of merchants during the Renaissance. Buy gem mines, transportation, and shops! Acquire that prestige you so long for. Work the industry hard, and you may be graced by a noble, who’d undoubtedly increase your prestige still further.



But wait, how does it work exactly?

Players take turns making one of the three actions listed below:

  • Collect gem chips,
    • If you choose to collect gem chips, you take either 3 different kinds of gems, or 2 of the same kind.
  • Buy and build a card
    • If you choose to buy and build a card, you pay it’s price in chips and add it to your play area.
  • Reserve cards.
    • If you choose to reserve a card, to ensure you acquire, and to deny it to your opponents, place it face down in front of you for later construction. This ends your turn, but you also get gold via a joker chip that can be used as any gem.


All of the cards you buy increase your wealth as they give you a permanent gem bonus for subsequent purchases.

Certain cards give you prestige points, of which 15 must be acquired to win.

Get your game face on!


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