Hey PI-fans,

Let out the fireworks! Our awesome shipment of cool and shiny new releases has made it in time for the holidays! Without further ado: let’s find out what each of them are!


Marvel Fluxx

Fluxx is an ever changing card game where you make and change the rules, goals with the cards you play! In the Marvel themed edition, play your favourite characters like Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man, and achieve goals like Science Bros, Web Slingers, Galactic Duo! There’s also a new Arena action where you and and other players pick a Keeper character. You then debate about why your character should win the other characters and a judge player picks the winner! 

A wonderful treat for Marvel fans and it’s always good fun to have a geek argument! 

For 2-6 Players, 30 Minutes Playing Time, Ages 8+

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Disney Villainous


Ah Disney cartoons. The heroes are oh so shiny and wholesome. You want to be the bad guys! And In Disney Villainous, you can do just that!

Play as either Ratigan (from The Great Mouse Detective), Scar (from The Lion King) or Yzma (from Emperor’s New Groove). Your goal is to fulfill your evil scheme as fast as you can to win! On your turn, move your character to a location, choose an action: gain power, play a card from your hand, you can even move a hero or defeat a hero to get them out of your way!  

Disney fans will have a blast with this one! Role reversal sure is fun isn’t it? Plot and scheme your way to victory! Because I’m the Bad Guy. Duh! 

For 2-3 Players, 40-60 Minutes Playing Time, Ages 10+

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Rubik’s Cage


You’ve seen people fiddle around with Rubik’s Cubes and you wish you could join in the fun too. With the Rubik’s Cage, you actually can! It’s a multi-player Rubik’s Cube! On your turn, insert a cube piece in the cage, than twist or flip the entire cage and pass it to the next person! Whoever is able to get 3 of the same color row wins! It’s simple, puzzling fun that everyone can join in!

For 2-4 Players, 20 Minutes Playing Time, Ages 7+

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7 Wonders New Edition


The classic civilization builder just had a wonderful graphic overhaul! If you’ve not played 7 Wonders before: the goal is to take your ancient civilization to epic levels after 3 Ages. On your turn, choose a card from your hand face down. You can than either build a structure, work towards building a Wonder or discard a card to get gold. You than pass the rest of your hand along to the neighboring player. Note that the direction of rotation changes depending on each Age you’re in! (Clockwise in Age 1, anti-clockwise in Age 2, clockwise in Age 3). Whoever gets the most victory points after 3 Ages wins! 

Perfect for those who’ve never experienced the game before! Or 7 Wonders veterans who are looking to share the love of the classic game with friends and family, this is the one to get! 

For 3-7 Players, 30 Minutes Playing Time, Ages 10+ 

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Star Wars Unlock!

Just when you thought the Unlock! Escape Room games couldn’t get even more awesome, there’s Star Wars Unlock! In the box, there’s 3 epic Star Wars themed missions to complete. Search locations, combine items, solve puzzles and finish the mission in 60 Minutes! Star Wars fans would absolutely have a blast with this one!

For 1-6 Players, 60 Minutes Playing Time Ages 10+

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Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Baker Street Irregulars


Fellow sleuths and fans of the Sherlock Holmes novels, get your deerstalker hats on! In a brand new Consulting Detective game, you get to play as the Baker Street Irregulars! Just like in the novels, you’re one of Sherlock Holmes’ gang of crime solving street children! Investigate clues, unravel mysteries and figure out whodunnit! So grab your friends, order in some food and spend the night in solving crimes!

For 1-8 Players, 90 Minutes Playing Time, Ages 14+

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Small World of Warcraft

It’s a Small erm, Azeroth after all! Small World is now in World of Warcraft! Pick either Horde or Alliance, choose which fantasy races you want to conquer sections of Azeroth! Includes all your favorite races from Warcraft: Humans, Night Elves, Dwarves, Worgen, Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, Undead, you name it, its in there! And yes, you can beat up Murlocs in this game! Control powerful artefacts, take over legendary spaces and bring glory to your faction! 

For 2-5 Players, 40-80 Minutes Playing Time, Ages 10+

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Twilight Imperium: Prophecy of Kings


For the first time ever: an expansion for Twilight Imperium! There’s 7 new factions, 74 leader cards. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Each faction now has 3 types of leaders: an agent, commander or hero. There are also new mechs you can build to stomp around. There are also 40 new planets to explore and take over! So Twilight Imperium fans, this expansion really takes the game to brand new, scary levels of awesome! A must buy for Twilight Imperium fans! So saddle up, clear your schedules, it’s time to hunker down and get your game on…once again!

For 3-8 Players, Minimum 240 Minutes Playing time, Ages 14+

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Pandemic Legacy: Season 0

You’ve blasted through Season 1 and 2, now it’s time to roll back the clock to the Cold War era to see what intrigues lie in wait. There’s word that the Soviet forces have developed a new bioweapon and its up to you and your friends to get down to the bottom of things! Eliminate the Soviet operatives, acquire specific targets, set up other agents and execute operations! It’s not just about curing diseases this time, it’s a full on spy game! 

Just joining the Pandemic Legacy series? You can jump on this one without having played any Season 1 or 2

For 2-4 Players, 60 Minutes Playing Time, Ages 14+

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So check out all these shiny new games and more at the store! Hurry before they’re all gone!