Hey PI-fans, hope you had a smashing National Day weekend!

We’ve got Railroad Ink and Rising Sun in the store!

railroad ink boxes   railroad ink contents

Railroad Ink is a quick competitive puzzle game about connecting transport routes using a marker. Roll dice, draw routes and connect exits to score points! 6 players can play at the same time!

The Blazing Red Edition features lava and meteor landmarks while the Deep Blue Edition has rivers and lakes.

For ages 8+, takes up to 6 players, duration 30min



Rising Sun is a fantasy miniatures wargame about warring clans in Feudal Japan. Each clan has unique abilities and Kami to aid them in their conquest. Players can use politics to further their cause, negotiate with others to seek the most profitable alliances, worship the Kami to gain their favor and recruit monsters to bolster their forces. The game features beautiful miniatures full of character!

For ages 14+, takes 3-5 players, duration 90-120min

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