Hey PI-fans! Happy Friday and National Day Weekend!

National Day Bundle Deal

Singapore is 55 this year! In celebration of our country’s Independence and all things Singaporean, we’ve got a special bundle deal – Limpeh Says and Singapore Dream for $55!
limpeh says                   singapore dream  
Have a roaring good time with friends and family as you make gahmen jokes, chope, sabo, hantam each other to victory, but eh, game only ah, don’t play until no more friends hor.
Promotion runs from Aug 7 till Aug 31.

Arkham Horror LCG: Return to the Forgotten Age Expansion

For the Arkham Horror LCG fans, the new expansion, Return to the Forgotten Age Expansion is out TODAY!
return to the forgotten age  
This expansion will add more content to the Forgotten Age campaign: new scenario cards and encounter cards, upgraded player cards for the Forgotten Age set, and yes snakes. Lots and lots of snakes.
Grab your copy at the store today and have a wonderful National Day weekend!