Hey PI-Fans,

By now, word that the Warhammer 9th Edition Indomitus Box Set has run out has probably reached your ears. If you’ve not managed to secure yourself a copy, fret not. Your Christmas gift for yourself has been decided this year.



Games Workshop has announced a second wave of Indomitus box sets will be produced as a Made-To-Order product. While we sold out of our launch wave allocations almost at launch, we’re taking orders for this second Made-To-Order wave now and copies of this second production run will be expected before Christmas.**



Place your Pre-Orders for the Made-To-Order Indomitus Box now by dropping us an E-mailYou can also walk in to our store to place an order.

You could also drop us a WhatsApp/ Telegram @ 8189 3050

The Second Wave Pre-Order period is open until July 23rd! *** 

made to order indomitus PI

* But only for a limited time and only if you act fast.
** Their words, not ours.
*** Delivery subject to manufacturer timelines.