Hey everyone! Welcome to July! How’s your week been so far? Boss Kenneth is uber busy today so I’m jumping in to tell you guys about the New Releases this week! (I’m Christine by the way, nice to meet cha!)

First up, we have…

Ecos: First Continent


ecos first continent game

‘Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to!’ Pfft! Says who? What if you had the power to create the Earth as you like it? In Ecos: First Continent, players take on the role as primordial forces who are to shape the World’s first continent at the dawn of time.

The aim of the game is to score the most points by building as much of the natural landscape as possible; filling it with flora and fauna. The interesting thing about this game is players play simultaneously.  Means as you’re happily building your savannas and filling them with rocks and trees and creatures, your other ‘primordial force friends’ are also rushing and doing the same thing, but on their landscapes!

If you like the idea of playing god, doing some serious world building (like literally), you should give this game a try!

Designed by John D Clair, published by AEG, for 2-6 players, goes for 45-60min and for ages 14+

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Playa Pirata

playa pirata game

‘Yo ho ho ho! A pirate’s life for- what the?! TOURISTS!’ That’s right! Pirating ain’t what it used to be, because you know, tourism happened.

In Playa Pirata: You and your friends play pirates who have each buried some treasure in the sand. To win, you have to earn the most points by taking over the most treasure on the beach, basically robbing your other pirate friends of their stuff in a game of bluff. Only you know the value of the treasure you bury. You then cover your treasure and other beach cards with coloured towel cards with a numerical value. (3 being the highest, 1 being the lowest) Your pirate friends will then challenge you by throwing more coloured towel cards on your spaces to take over them and hopefully get a good treasure value under it. 

So if you enjoy a good game of bluff, outsmarting your friends with mind games and curious to know who your ‘true friends’ are, you’ll like this one! 

Designed by Luca Bellini, published by dV Giochi, for 2-4 players, goes for 15-25min and for ages 8 and up.

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Spy Master

spy master board game

‘Oh no! The evil international villains are up to no good by plotting to destroy the world! (yet again)’ It’s up to you special agents to save the day, however, the agent that finishes the most high value missions wins the game!

Players take on the role as special agents dispatched by the Spy Master. Your goal is to finish as many missions and score the most points by finishing missions with high value. You do this by gathering intelligence, moving to places around the board and using the intelligence to finish the missions. The Spy Master is the player who dispenses ‘case file’ card sets face down, fellow agents then randomly select which case file sets to work on. Players than move around the board to finish missions until 5 rounds is up.  

If you like spy fiction, spy films like James Bond, Mission Impossible, saving the world from peril but also being competitive about it, you’ll like this one! 

Designed by Seth Johnson, published by Calliope Games, for 2-6 players, goes for 45min, age 8+ and up

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We’ve also added X-Com: The Board Game to the webstore which you can check out here:

X-Com: The Board Game


So that’s the New Releases this week! We’ve been working on all sorts of awesome stuff both in store and online so stay tune! If you’ve not done so yet, please check out our FaceBook and Instagram for the latest updates!