Hey PI-Fans,

While the physical store might currently be closed as part of staff rotation measures, we haven’t stopped working, with a trio of titles making their way to our shelves. You’ll be able to order them on the webstore today, or pick them up tomorrow when we reopen.

In the meantime, if you want a copy of Clank! Acquisitions Incorporated, It’s a Wonderful World or Fantastic Factories or even one of last week’s new releases like This War of Mine: Day of the Siege, Tsuro: Phoenix Rising or Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, The Thames Murders & Other Cases, they’re on the webstore for your perusal.

While reopening the physical store has taken a significant chunk of our time and energy, we haven’t abandoned the webstore. We’re in the process of putting up many of the oft requested expansions for Catan and Ticket to Ride and even a few surprising ranges like Eldritch Horror and This War of Mine. I won’t even hesitate to say that there’s more coming as well.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

In Fantastic Factories, you race to manufacture the most goods or build the most prestigious buildings. Each round is split into two phases, the market phase and the work phase. During the market phase, you choose to either acquire a new blueprint for free or pay to hire a contractor. During the work phase, all players simultaneously roll their dice and use their dice as workers to run factories. At the end of the game, the player with the most points from a combination of building prestige and manufactured goods wins.

It’s a Wonderful World is an Empire Management game where players must choose the path to your future for the dystopia they manage. It’s a Wonderful World is a cards drafting and engine building game from 1 to 5 players. Each round, players will draft 7 cards and then choose which ones will be recycled to immediately acquire Resources, and which ones will be kept for construction to produce Resources each round and/or gain victory points.

The 9-to-5 of adventuring can be such a grind. In CLANK! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated, you’re part of the greatest adventuring company in all of the planes⁠—and you may just end up saving the world! In this Legacy game, you’ll work with and against your co-adventurers through a 10+ game campaign. Your successes, failures, and choices will permanently affect the game and the world around you as your journey unfolds, resulting in a unique Clank! game you can continue to play after the campaign. The story may end, but the adventure continues!