Hey PI-Fans,

With the world appearing in absolute shades of grey this week, we recommend a touch of colour in your life, so out with those zombie apocalypses and pandemics (though if those are your thing, we also have them in stock and won’t judge).

If you’re like us, and just want a world where things are going back to normal. Here are the surprisingly brightly coloured releases for this week.

Flip City and it’s standalone expansion Flip City Wilderness are microdeckbuilding card games of perfect information, players have no hand, instead playing cards from their deck with a clever little push-your-luck mechanic, where players play cards from their deck directly into play while trying to avoid racking up too much unhappiness in a single turn. Each card is double-sided, with each side granting different special bonuses and cards can be upgraded between the two phases with an expenditure of resources.

Sagrada Passion is a set of expansion modules designed to be used with the stained-glass building game Sagrada. The Inspiriation Module provides players with powerful player abilities which they can trigger over the course of the game. Rare Glass introduces the titular rare glass which adds a new layer of strategy as a single rare glass piece can be added to each player’s window regardless of restrictions. Public Objectives likewise reward players for building symmetrical windows rather than the riot of colours that Sagrada was previously. Each expansion radically shakes up gameplay, keeping Sagrada fresh for even the most jaded veteran.

Engines purring, goggles down—the seaplane is set for take-off! Welcome to the whimsical world of Wayfinders, where intrepid explorers race to chart new paths through the skies. You will need to think on your feet and outfit your planes with the right gear to arrive safely. But building hangars on islands and stocking them with parts can help you zip around with ease! Be sure to be keen in your planning and you will unlock the charms of the islands.

New Board and Card Game Releases
Flip City
Flip City Wilderness
Sagrada Passion Expansion

Board and Card Game Restocks
Codenames Pictures
Codenames Duet
Codenames Deep Undercover
Dead of Winter: The Longest Night
Hey! Tjat’s My Fish!
Forbidden Island
Just One
Mansions of Madness 2E
Once Upon A Time
Star Wars Outer Rim
Star Wars Rebellion
Terraforming Mars
This War of Mine
Tiki Topple