Hey PI-Fans,

We previously rescheduled our previous X-Wing event. With things a bit more under control, the Star Wars X-Wing Fly Casual rookie event will instead be run on Sunday, 15th March, 2020.

You can preregister at the link below. Do note signup priority will be given to new players.

Fee: $15
Format: Star Wars X-Wing Hyperspace 200 Points 
4x 75 min Rounds, Swiss Format.
Maximum Players: 16
Tournament Organizer: Shane Mok
Participation: Extended Art Petranaki Arena Ace Nantex-class Starfighter
Top 8: Extended Art R2-D2 BTL-B Y-Wing
Top 4: Acrylic Stress Tokens
Champion: Extended Art Acrylic Anakin Skywalker BTL-B Y-Wing

Preregistration and Confirmation: 

Sunday, 15th March 2020
1200 hrs – Registration
1230 hrs – Round 1 Start
1400 hrs – Round 2 Start
1530 hrs – Round 3 Start
1700 hrs – Round 4 Start
1830 hrs – Prize Presentation