A rickety spire of colourful blocks stands dangerously high in the middle of the table, the centrepiece of a game that seamlessly blends elements of Jenga and Uno with a unique twist.

At its core, Crazy Tower involves players building up a tower of wooden blocks, taking turns to place blocks on a floor card. Players can also create a new level by balancing a floor card on the existing set of blocks.

From there, the game begins to increase in-depth, with each card having sections where blocks cannot be placed. Furthermore, cards have points where placing a block triggers effects which can either aid or impede the construction of the tower.

The goal of the game is simple, with the first player who can place all their blocks winning the game. If the tower falls, the player with the least blocks remaining wins, with the player who collapsed the tower being unable to achieve victory.

Crazy Tower has you balancing the desire to build a stable tower to achieve victory, and the need to constructing an unstable puzzle for the next player to solve. Combining all these features, the game challenges your dexterity and spatial reasoning.

There’s a level of versatility in Crazy Tower which most games do not possess. Aside from the standard competitive game mode, Crazy Tower comes with a sabotage game mode, where one player’s goal is to cause the tower to collapses on another player’s turn. There is also a solo mode, posing challenges which the player must complete without the tower falling down.

Crazy Tower is an entertaining experience, simple to learn and containing a variety of enjoyable and fun-filled game modes. It’s a great game to play with friends and family, and an easy recommendation for gifts.

~ Shane