The Big Pile

Hey PI-Fans,Even as Halloween recede into the distance and we start prepping for X-Mas, we will keep doing what we do. It's time for a rollout of new stuff. It's what we do.And we're gonna keep doing it into the Season!- Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager Has your game got the blahs? Are your players spending more time thumbing through your book collection than hunting down clues, more energy heckling one another than in crushing their cruel foes? Never fear, o beleaguered Game Masters, for Robin D. Laws is here to help! Know your players! Analyze your system! Build your campaign! Design adventures! Prepare to be spontaneous, and improvise like a fiend! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced roller of the polyhedrals, the insights in Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering will improve your Game Mastering faster than you can say, "Roll for initiative!" Fireball Island just got a [...]