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Hey PI-Fans,Some of you like adult humour. Judging by the collective popularity of Cards Against Humanity, Bed Wed Dead and Limpeh Says, we don't judge.If anything, we sort of enable it.So this week is a mix. We've got a couple of new card games this week. Cahoots and This Game Goes to Eleven are excellent party games - but definitely not as spicy as the other two.On top of that, we've restocked Unstable Unicorns, Llama's Unleashed, Scram and Daring Contest, so if you're looking for more kooky fun, well... we've got you covered too.Here's to being an adult.- Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager Million Dollars, But… The Game (MDB) puts your morals and imagination to the test, posing the question, "What would you do for a million dollars?" Players create scenarios by combining a trigger and a rather uncomfortable rule card to showcase what they would or wouldn't do for [...]

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They attacked MY HOME PLANET!!!!!

Hey PI-Fans,If you're a fan of giant stompy robots, you'll be happy to know that Games @ PI is a Retailer Backer for the BattleTech Clan Invasion Kickstarter.As a retailer partner, we'll have access to the full backerkit menu, so if you missed the Kickstarter, keep an eye out as we'll be opening preorders for stock (including the Kickstarter Swag like the UrbanMechs) once we get retailer pricing options.And if this is all new to you, consider picking up a copy of the BattleTech Beginner Box or BattleTech A Game of Armored Combat box to get you ready to fling lasers and missiles when the Clans invade and check out the AMA currently on HERE.Keep an eye out. We'll make a full announcement...

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A Loaded Week

Hey PI-Fans,As we keep the stock flowing in, it's time for a whole slew of all new swag, as we continue to flood the shelves with a variety of new releases, covering the trifecta of RPGs, Miniatures, LCGs and Board Games. Fans of giant stompy robots will be happy to note the return of both the BattleTech Beginner Box and A Game of Armored Combat as well as a new batch of the Grassland Map Pack. Board games see a resurgence, with restocks of the Unlock titles, Arkham Horror, Smash Up, Scythe, Terraforming Mars, Mice & Mystics and the Detective: Modern Crimes series all having their numbers topped up. The RWBY Board Game is back as well, this time with expansions.Then there's a restock of our kids games line, with a spread of Gamewright and Playroom titles for parents who want something to play with their kidsAs always, check out [...]

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Hey PI-Fans,A number of people asked, so we figured we'd keep the format light this week before going back into the rotation. We'll be back to scenario rotation again next week, but for the time being, here's to some casual Pew Pew! See you Wednesday 7/8/19Fee: $8Format: Star Wars X-Wing Extended 200 Point 60 min Rounds.Participation: Extended Art Scimitar Squadron PilotTop Scorer: Star Wars X-Wing Dice BagAt the end of the night, the player with the highest Score among players who plays 2 games across the night will take home a Star Wars X-Wing Dice Bag.

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One of Those Weeks

Hey PI-Fans,We're into August now. I would make an joke about our August selection of games, but I won't, mostly because my staff would kill me.Instead let's focus on the cool stuff. Be your focus on board games, RPGs or miniatures, there's plenty floating around out there and with a long weekend rolling around, it looks like a good time to get in some gaming. (Not that there was ever a bad time to get in some gaming.We've restocked the 'Tiny Epic' range of titles, got in more Who Should We Eat, loaded up on Jaipur, Dominion and Pandemic. Then there's more Catan, Splendor and Azul. That covers the classics, but we aren't done by a long shot.Here's the new stuff. You are the mayor of a Tiny Town in the forest in which the smaller creatures of the woods have created a civilization hidden away from predators. This new [...]

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