Hey PI-Fans,

With PI-Day drawing to a close, we’re rolling out a couple of system changes at Games @ PI including a few new programs. This year sees the grand return of the PI Voucher Dice, expansion of our Hobby Programs and rollout of a table booking system.

If you’re a member, PI Points are available to members at a rate of 1 point per $10 spent (on product, not services). By now, members should have started accruing points from purchases at the store.

Here are just some of the possible things you can spend them on.

Of particular note to hobbyists is the fact that the airbrush booths are back.

This is getting out of hand! Now, there are TWO of them!

We’re also expanding the Games @ PI Painting Pass system with an Airbrush Pass, so if you’re looking for a compressor to work with, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the details for the two hobby programs:

Painting Pass – $5
One Day access to Games @ PI’s collection of Citadel Paints.
Airbrush Pass – $5
One Day access to Games @ PI’s airbrush booth and compressor.

If you’re a store member, here’s where your PI Points come in as well. One PI Point is enough to set you up with day access to both the Painting Pass and the Airbrush Pass.

Anyway, did you miss these?

Still 100% Fat And Carbohydrate Free. We’re cutting new dice, so image not final. Please Do Not Eat The Dice. We Will Not Be Held Responsible For Customers Attempting To Eat The Dice.

Well we did too, so Games @ PI Voucher Dice are coming back as part of our membership program.

Games @ PI members will be able to redeem PI Voucher Dice for 15 PI Points and these dice will be valid for the year of issue.

Each die will be exchangeable at Games @ PI for a $6 value and will be valid until the subsequent PIe-Day celebration (22/7).

Want space for your wargaming throw downs, need tables for your RPG or just want to roll some dice and sling some cards?

Well, we’re here to help.

With the new booking system, 2 table slots will be held for customers looking to play some games at the store. Tables slots can be booked during the 12nn to 4pm slot and the 5pm to 9pm slot at a rate of $20 per 6×4 table for a four hour slot.

Members can redeem 2 PI points for a table booking slot as well.

Booking fees only apply to table booking for non-store event usage. Official Event participants (E.g. D&D AL, Fly Casual Wednesdays, MTG Night and Keyforge Fridays, Etc) will maintain regular event signup procedures.

So, these are the basics. We’ll be pushing out more options down the road, as well as a couple of really cool point redemption programs along the way, so keep an eye out on the PI website for more details.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager