HopEs And Dreams

Hey PI-Fans,As always, the stock machine rumbles in with another wave of titles. And as always, this means new titles on our shelves.This week, keep your eyes out for Who Should We Eat, a semi-cooperative survival themed card game of overly convenient cannibalism. Next up is Best Treehouse Ever, a resource management card draft about outdoing your friends and rivals and assembling the... well... Best Treehouse Ever.Those looking for something more gritty can take to the mean streets of LA with the LA Crimes expansion for Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game.And then there's more Singaporean Dream. Yep. The smash hit Singaporean Dream is getting an expansion pack, and it's now available at Games @ PI as well.So. What are you waiting for?Those dreams aren't going to achieve themselves.In the meantime, have a great week folks. We'll see you on the flipside.- Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager In Best Treehouse [...]