Hey PI-Fans,

It’s us again, doing our usual thing – keeping a store full of cool stuff ready to go to good homes.

Also, in the interest of staff sanity, we’re going to try to keep the Christmas Carols to a minimum this year. Not that we’re against them or anything, but after the 73rd round of Jingle Bells, the staff begin to go a little stir crazy.

That becomes a problem.

In the meantime, the new stuff keeps flowing.


Once again, rival schools have come to Onitama to see who has the dominant Art — but something is different this time: Their activity has attracted the attention of a wind spirit! This indomitable force will interfere with the students, but it may on occasion grant an unforeseen benefit as well! The Onitama: Way of the Wind expansion includes a wind spirit, a neutral game piece that creates a new layer of interaction in the game. Two new move cards are included, as well as eight wind spirit cards.


As a Koi, you spend your days swimming to and fro with the goal of gobbling up as many dragonflies and frogs as you can every day. Your tranquil koi pond begins with some decorative stone and a few lily pads, but you will also receive natural beauty cards in your hand that allow a player to add more lily pads, cherry blossoms, ornamental stone and frogs — which both enhances the beauty of the pond and causes turmoil beneath the still waters for the other fish. At the end of seven days, the game comes to an end, with the best-fed fish being declared the winner. Be wise, be quick, or go hungry. Persevere and you shall succeed.


Kids on Bikes is a Collaborative World Building RPG set in small towns with big mysteries. In Kids on Bikes, you’ll take on the roles of everyday people grappling with strange, terrifying, and very, very powerful forces that they cannot defeat, control, or even fully understand. The only way to face them is to work together, use your strengths, and know when you just have to run as fast as you can.


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