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It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like… I’ll Stop.

Hey PI-Fans, It’s us again, doing our usual thing – keeping a store full of cool stuff ready to go to good homes. Also, in the interest of staff sanity, we’re going to try to keep the Christmas Carols to a minimum this year. Not that we’re against them or anything, but after the 73rd round of Jingle Bells, the staff begin to go a little stir crazy. That becomes a problem. In the meantime, the new stuff keeps flowing.   Once again, rival schools have come to Onitama to see who has the dominant Art — but something is different this time: Their activity has attracted the attention of a wind spirit! This indomitable force will interfere with the students, but it may on occasion grant an unforeseen benefit as well! The Onitama: Way of the Wind expansion includes a wind spirit, a neutral game piece that creates a new layer [...]

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For The Watch

Hey PI-Fans, Night gathers, and now your watch begins. Steadfast Lannister Halberdiers form unyielding hedges of polearms while nimble Stark Outriders nip at the flanks, yet all this pale in scope as a third faction storms onto the battlefields of the A Song of Ice & Fire Miniature Game. The Night's Watch has come. - RECORD SCRATCH -   Or... you know... we could just talk about the Singaporean Dream, a card game about paying, stealing and saboing your way to becoming the ultimate Singaporean. Why no? We don't judge.  

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Hey PI-Fans, I might have personally taken a short a sabbatical last week, but the gears of industry keep turning, and in the short time I was away, a flood of stuff came in. Here’s a catch-up list of what’s flooded in over the last week I was away. Board game wise, if horror is your jam, step back into the House on the Hill with Betrayal Legacy, and shape the development of the ill-fated building with an all new a campaign themed mode. Or take to the streets of mist shrouded Arkham to face off against the servitors of the Elder Gods in an all new edition of Arkham Horror. Then there’s World War II like you’ve never seen it before with Axis & Allies & Zombies. Feeling like stretching your legs? Consider Discover: Lands Unknown, a wilderness survival and exploration game with a unique game experience in each [...]

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Things Aren’t On Fire. Fire Is On Things.

Hey PI-Fans, I’m going to cut to the chase: There’s a new wave of Song of Ice and Fire miniatures out so Lets get straight to the point. All you Lannister commanders who have been wanting to set things on fire, listen up. Pyromancers are in. For the less incendiary inclined, there’s the Mountain’s Men. On the stark end, Umber reinforcements are in including the Berserkers and Greataxes. Or you can let out your inner sadist and unleash the Boltons. The Bastard’s Girls, Cutthroats and Flayed Men are ready to slot into any army seeking mercenary reinforcements from this treacherous House. Not all miniatures of course. On the RPG front, there’s restocks of the all new edition Vampire: The Masquerade RPG and Uprising, an all new dystopian science fiction RPG set in the world of the best selling Resistance and Coup card games. Board gamers will be happy to note the return [...]

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