Hey PI-Fans,

It’s a muggy Monday morning and we’re all heading back to work. Still… it’s going to be a short week thanks to the coming National Day Holiday.

And that’s as good an excuse as any to break out a game or two with some friends, no? Doesn’t matter whether it’s cracking open a board game, flipping some cards, rolling some dice or pushing some miniatures.

It’s all in good fun.

Besides. It’s a new week, and you’ve known us long enough to know what we’re going to be making noise about.

The cops have you surrounded! As your mafia boss escapes into his helicopter, he drops his Wallet, which contains ID cards and wads of currency from around the world. Gameplay consists of a variable number of rounds in which players attempt to locate a plausible ID card and either acquire bribe money or ditch extra currency. Holding multiple IDs and several types of currency will get you locked up for sure. Feel free to reach into the Wallet … you never know what you’ll find.

Two new mini expansion packs for 7 Wonders arrive. The first expansion pack, the 7 Wonders: Leaders Anniversary Pack  is an expansion to 7 Wonders: Cities and includes fifteen new leaders to include in games of 7 Wonders including Gorgo, Cornelia, Enheduanna, Roxana, and more. 7 Wonders: Cities Anniversary Pack on the other hand is an expansion to the 7 Wonders: Cities expansion, and includes fifteen new city cards including a memorial, customs, counterfeiter’s office, smuggler’s cache.

An oasis of interstellar magic lies beyond the stratosphere: countless stars, burning comets, planets, ivory moons, nebulae, and perhaps even a beastly black hole or two. It’s all up there for the finding. At the Royal Hinterland Observatory, endless elaborate sky formations are within reach of discovery — but you have to lay claim before your fellow astronomers nab the glory for themselves. StarFall is a clever game of wits, bidding, and quick thinking in which the aim is to obtain the most impressive portfolio of cosmic curiosities.

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7 Wonders Leaders Anniversary Expansion Pack
7 Wonders Cities Anniversary Expansion Pack

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