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Always Bet On The House…

MANSIONS OF MADNESS:  SANCTUM OF TWILIGHT RELEASES 19/4/18 Hey PI-Fans, It's time to plumb the mysteries of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight, better known as the Silver Twilight Lodge. The new Mansions of Madness expansion "Sanctum of Twilight" shines the spotlight on these shady occultists and their nefarious misdeeds. Are they friend? Or foe? This is Arkham. Seriously. Why are we even asking? Well, we're about to find out, given Sanctum of Twilight releases today. Join Politician Charlie Kane with his skill at glad pandering and Martial Artist Lily Chen with her power of... well... punching things (sometimes also kicking) as they investigate the secrets of the lodge in Arkham's French District. With a little luck, maybe they'll even make it out of this unscathed. Well... Mostly anyway. Within the lavish rooms of the Silver Twilight Lodge, the most influential citizens of Arkham gather to forge business alliances, plan [...]

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Russian About

Hey PI-Fans, You know its going to be an entertaining week when Monday attempts to kill you with a fern. Ask me about it sometime. On the topic of different kind of entertaining, we have games. Games are good. Games will never fall out of trees and attempt to crush you. Ahem... Back on topic. There's a new Smash Up set in town: That 70s Expansion unleashes  Truckers, Disco, Vigilantes and Kung Fu Fighters into your every growing Smash Up collection. Meanwhile both Scythe and Terraforming Mars have come trundling back in as well with their own slew of expansion ('Hellas and Elysium' and 'Venus Next' for Terraforming Mars and 'Invaders From Afar' and 'The Wind Gambit' for Scythe). We've also got the Disciples of the Void expansion for Legend of the Five Rings. And last but not least... anyone who wants to boldly go will want to check out [...]

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Eldritch Dimensions

Hey PI-Fans, This week has seen it's share of weird.  Of particular importance is the full reload of The Dunwich Horror wave for the Arkham Horror LCG, restocks of Curse of the Rougarou, Carnevale of Horrors and  the release of Dim Carcosa and The Dirge of Reason. On top of this, there's been a restock of Betrayal at House on the Hill, it's expansion and the Betrayal at Baldur's Gate spinoff.  Dead of Winter's back as well, with all box expansions as well as the Kodiak Colby and Roberta Plum promos. Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle is back in as well while those seeking a more sedate gaming experience can look forward to Santorini and Queendomino. On the RPG front, all three D&D Core Books have been topped up along with restocks of Volo's Guide to Monsters, Xanathar's Guide to Everything, the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting. Those wishing to branch out can look [...]

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Vlka Fenryka???? Wait. What?

"The best way to defeat a Space Wolf is to wolf his wolf. You must be careful, though, because if the Space Wolf wolfs your wolf first, then your wolf is wolfed." - Attributed to Wolf Lord Egil Ironwolf, On the Intricacies of Tactical Wolffare   PAGE HAS BEEN CENSURED BY ORDER OF THE EMPEROR'S HOLY INQUISITION Murder Servitors Have Been Dispatched   UPDATE 2:    ALL NEW... WAIT... WHAT...? FOR RUSS AND THE ALLFATHER! A HERO RETURNS! A NEW SAGA BEGINS! From the frozen world of Fenris, the Space Wolves sail out across the Sea of Stars, seeking enemies to vanquish and worlds to save. Proud and noble savages, the Space Wolves eschew the teachings of the Codex Astartes in favour of the traditions laid down by their Primarch Leman Russ - their armies filled with giant wolves, lone heroes and skyborne longships. Spurred on by the return of [...]

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