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A Store Full Of Stuff

Hey PI-Fans, I hope you like games, because we've got games. We've loaded the shelves with a bevy of titles (because like you, we're gamers and we like games). Here's some of the new stuff. Terraforming Mars: Venus Next, has players building flying cities and making the atmosphere more hospitable on the deadly planet Venus as part of the World Government's choice to also fund the terraforming of Venus. With 50 new project cards and additional corporations added, with a special focus on how to make Venus habitable. With the new floater resource, a new milestone, a new award, a new tag, and a new terraforming parameter, players are given more paths to victory and an even more varied play. Food Truck Champion is a game in which each person plays the owner of a new food truck out to make a name for itself. You will hire staff, cook [...]

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Back Online

Hey PI-Fans, It's back to business as usual, for us. And for us, we're in the business of bringing you awesome games. So, kick back, relax and crack open a few new boxes with us to get at the shiny. Be the one who knocks. Breaking Bad: The Board Game propels you into the acclaimed TV series - as a criminal, race to be the first to produce Blue Sky and sell the required quantity necessary or a DEA Agent working to raid, sieze and shut down the labs peddling drugs before  the criminals flood the market. Paramedics: CLEAR! is an intense, competitive game for 1-4 players. Race against the clock to collect medical supplies, stabilize patients and rush them to the hospital. A free companion app timer limits player turns to 60 seconds and less as critical calls flood in and players must decide who to save, and who they CAN save [...]

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Lunar New Year – Closure

Hey PI-Fans, With the Lunar New Year rolling around, the Games @ PI team will be taking  some time off to spend time with family and friends. As a result there will be disruptions to our opening hours during the festive period. Operating Hours: Lunar New Year Thursday, 15th Feb - 12 noon to 6.30 pm Friday, 16th Feb - Closed Saturday, 17th Feb - 12 noon to 10 pm (Regular Operating Hours) Staff Appreciation Dinner Wednesday, 21st Feb - 12 noon to 6.00 pm On behalf of the staff at Games @ PI, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very Happy & Prosperous Lunar New Year. - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

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Oddly Hungry

Hey PI-Fans, It's been one of those days. The manager has been wandering around the store wearing a Tricorn. We're concerned about his stability. Send help... Meanwhile. Ignoring him for a moment. We're hard at work keeping the shelves loaded with new games. Use the freshest, tastiest ingredients to make the biggest, most mouthwatering, gourmet burgers around. Satisfy your customers to earn money, upgrade your restaurant, and become the best burger restaurant in town. Players take turns to purchase ingredients from the market, assemble burgers, the Burger Up! phase where players may score their burgers if they satisfy an order.  A bonus is awarded to the Chef who served the most burgers in the endgame and then the winner is determined, based on who has earned the most. Fluxx turns 21, and Looney Labs is  celebrating by publishing Drinking Fluxx! With rules that are always changing, Drinking Fluxx will keep you on [...]

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