Time’s up let’s do this!

Hey PI-Fans,

The Kingdom of Astoria has fallen on bad times. Occupied by the hostile Legania Empire, it’s one hope lies in the hands of Princess Cornelia, the only member of the Royal Family to escape.

Unfortunately, the Princess’ only grasp of military tactics appears to be…. 

Leeeeeeeeeroy JENKINS!!!!

As a member of the Unicornus Knights tasked with her safety, It’s going to be a very very long day…

Designed by Japanese designer Seiji Kanai and Yasushi Kuroda in their first collaborative release, Unicornus Knights is a two to six player cooperative game where players are members of the Unicornus Knights, an organization devoted to getting Princess Cornelia safely back onto the throne. They will gather soldiers and resources, defeat the enemy generals in the lands, pave the way for the princess, and finally have her enter the capitol and confront the Emperor himself!