Hey PI-Fans,

Pardon the mess. We’re doing some minor floor works this week, but we’ll be open, nonetheless.

Anyway, you know how we do things by now. We restock on Monday. And toss out a stack of new releases along the way.

So here’s to the working week.

Nobody wants to be accused of filling the garbage bin and having to take out the trash. In Garbage Day players take turns stacking garbage cards one at a time onto the overflowing garbage can, or stashing garbage cards in their rooms.  If garbage cards fall off the garbage can during your turn, place them in your overflow pile. If your overflow pile gets too big, you’re eliminated from the game.

Gloom in Space, takes Sci-fi archetypes like the Smuggler, Captain, Doctor, and Dark Lord and lets them fight their fathers, meddle with monoliths, get caught in compactors, and wind up getting nuked from orbit. When, enough Untimely Deaths come to pass that the game ends, the most miserable cast wins.

Let Them Eat Cake is a game of committees, coercion, and cake. Elect your friends to positions of power in the hope that they look on your patronage favorably — or denounce them as enemies of the revolution. Players try to win the favor of generals, acquire medals to win the support of the revolution and generally hoard cake. Finish the game with the most cake and you can have your cake and eat it.

New Board and Card Game Releases
Garbage Day
Gloom in Space
Let Them Eat Cake

Board and Card Game Restocks
Arkham Horror
Bang! The Card Game
Bang! The Dice Game
Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2E
Eldritch Horror
Lords of Waterdeep
Lords of Waterdeep Scoundrels of Skullport Expansion
Machi Koro and Expansion
Munchkin Guest Artist Edition
Red Dragon Inn
Ticket to Ride
Ticket to Ride Europe