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Monday Restocks Continues

Hey PI-Fans, You know what Mondays mean. It's formulaic in a sense, so I won't hold you - I'm just going to rattle off a list of stuff of things that came back in... Citadels. A Game of Thrones, Eldritch Horror, Descent, Catan, Dead of Winter, Carcassonne, Concept, Splendor, Ticket to Ride, Coup... Ok. Now on to the new stuff. Command a band of Vikings to trade, hunt, raid, pillage, and plunder in search of wealth and glory for your tribe. In A Feast For Odin, you will experience the Viking way of life. Each player explores new territories—and raids the villages they find there—to increase their wealth and glory, while also taking part in day-to-day activities such as gathering food to feed their band of hungry Vikings. In the end, the player whose possessions carry the greatest value is the winner. In Viceroy, players struggle for control over the [...]

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Monday Releases

Hey PI-Fans, Now that PIe-Day is out of the way and I can breathe (not a lot, but you can expect reflections from a retail store manager somewhere down the road this week), let's keep the flood of stuff coming. You know what we do on Mondays. After unleashing the Lumen Fidei and Cities in Ruins expansions for TIME Stories and Eldritch Horror respectively, let's keep the momentum going with more Game of Thrones themed releases. First up, restocks of Game of Thrones: The Board Game and Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne. While it's not the upcoming Game of Thrones Catan, we've gotten plenty more of regular Catan as well. And if Season 7 has put you in the mood for a fantasy themed rampage, there's Lords of Waterdeep, Descent and Munchkin to scratch that itch. Or go play an Ignoble themed deck in Smash Up: Cease and Desist. [...]

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Tomorrow Is PI-Day

Hey PI-Fans, With PIe-Day right around the corner (tomorrow, 22/7 to be exact), we just thought it prudent to have the store restocked. Restocks include the entire TIME Stories range, Dead of Winter, King of Tokyo and Captain Sonar.  And since we ended up doing doing a stock run, we figured we might as well go all the way, so there's new stuff being added to the stack as well. Journey back to 15th century Spain in Lumen Fidei, the fifth expansion for T.I.M.E Stories. In the adventure, you and your friends must infiltrate a secret meeting of the Christian militant orders to steal a mysterious stone, while something supernatural may be at work in the darkness. It's your mission to find out the truth, and return to the T.I.M.E Agency with the stone safely in your possession... Violent earthquakes contort cities to unrecognizable ruin, torrential typhoons eradicate coastlines, and [...]

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Hey PI-Fans, If you know us (and you're at our webpage, so you probably do), you'll have realised that strange people that we are, the 22nd of July (22/7) has always had this weird significance to us. As usual, we're keeping our annual Games @ PI PIe-Day tradition going with as serving of delicious pie, so come on down to the store on the 22nd of July and  have a snack on us. Given that change appears to be the only constant with us, we've usually used the day to officially announce changes as well, and we've got quite a few coming to make the store even more user friendly, so do keep an eye out! 22/7 – Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager –  

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Still Working

Hey PI-Fans, Wow. That was a heck of a week. We've been doing some fixing up around the store folks including putting in a new carpet and more lockers. Hopefully this will mean less lost bits for the wargamers. This hasn't kept us from our usual responsibilities of keeping a store full of stuff for you. More Splendor, Game of Thrones, Mysterium (Which was recently featured on Tabletop by the way), Ticket to Ride along with a spread of new stuff. Waka Tanka is a very light bluffing card game in which players are somewhat incompetent Native American shamans who sometimes calls the wrong spirit but hope nobody else notices. Each player in turn plays an incantation card face down in front of an animal totem. Other players can call the bluff if they think it's not the right animal or try a full ceremony if he thinks enough incantations [...]

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The Monday Restock Rush

Hey PI-Fans, Pardon the mess. We're doing some minor floor works this week, but we'll be open, nonetheless. Anyway, you know how we do things by now. We restock on Monday. And toss out a stack of new releases along the way. So here's to the working week. Nobody wants to be accused of filling the garbage bin and having to take out the trash. In Garbage Day players take turns stacking garbage cards one at a time onto the overflowing garbage can, or stashing garbage cards in their rooms.  If garbage cards fall off the garbage can during your turn, place them in your overflow pile. If your overflow pile gets too big, you're eliminated from the game. Gloom in Space, takes Sci-fi archetypes like the Smuggler, Captain, Doctor, and Dark Lord and lets them fight their fathers, meddle with monoliths, get caught in compactors, and wind up getting [...]

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It’s Still Monday

Hey PI-Fans, Like a baseball batter sliding into home plate, we're keeping the Monday trend going with another salvo of releases. You want Munchkins, Catans, Dixits, Ticket to Rides and Pandemics? Yup. Got those. That and more, really. In Queens's Necklace, two to four players compete in the role of royal jeweler to sell rare jewels to the Queen and her court. Players must decide how best to spend your hard-earned ducats: acquiring beautiful gems or buying the favors of various court followers. The jeweler who sells the most precious gems and builds the largest fortune will receive the coveted title of King's Jeweler and a place at the court! With a series of lucrative government contracts on the table, construction company owners must engage in a bit of Corruption to win them. Players compete for contracts with secret bribe amounts. At the end of each round, whoever offered the most [...]

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