Rocks Fall

Hey PI-Fans, Some people have been asking where I've been. "He's been awful quiet of late. Maybe he's dead." Well. I'm pleased to reveal that rumors of my demise are only mostly exaggerated. The awesome thing about working in a company like G@PI is that it keeps running regardless of personnel like yours truly getting run over with something as minor as tonsillitis. With an awesome staff dedicated to keeping the games flowing, they're not about to let something as minor as their manager keeling over stop them. I've noticed, by the way, that this is an excellent way of making me shut up. With my vocabulary reduced to grunts... This is what this week's announcement would sound like. "Grunt Mumble Grunt Snort Hack Cough Cough Mumble." Hardly impressive. I'm better off letting the titles speak for themselves. - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager Board and Card Game Restocks 7 [...]