Hey PI-Fans,

Those of you who follow us on Facebook will realize that while a good chunk of the team is away at various conventions, the metaphorical spice must flow.

And someone has to run away screaming in terror at the inevitable sandworm that is the arrival of a shipment.

That someone would be me.

Meanwhile, the Five Tribes Thieves of Naqala expansion is in, along with the return of the all new edition of Citadels. Plus 7 Wonders, Munchkin Legends, Ladies and Gentlemen and Quadropolis.

Because, a good board game is worth working for.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

New Board and Card Game Releases
Five Tribes: Thieves of Naqala Expansion

Board and Card Game Restocks
The Builders Antiquity
Cards Against Humanity
Citadels Classic
Colt Express and Expansions
Dead of Winter
Dead of Winter: The Long Night
Dixit and Expansions
Forbidden Desert
Forbidden Island
Ladies and Gentlemen
Munchkin Legends and Expansions
Pandemic and Expansions
The Resistance Avalon
Risk Legacy
Small Worlds
Small Worlds Underground
Sushi Go Party
TIME Stories Core Set
TIME Stories: A Prophecy of Dragons Expansion