Hey PI-Fans,

With the end of 2016 well upon us, well, stock just keeps rolling in… We’re absolutely swamped, so we apologise if we’re a bit slow with responses.

Today is the release day for the Netrunner: Martial Law as well as the all new pocket-sized update of the well loved Citadels card game! On top of that, we’re beside ourselves with excitement for games like New Angeles, a stand-alone board game of corporate skullduggery as rival corporations are grudgingly forced to work together to keep a city running lest they draw the wrath of government intervention.

Of course, those board game fans looking for something more sedate can always check out the pandamonium (heh heh heh) of Takenoko and it’s expansion Takenoko Chibis, which is back in. Those who want something madcap and frenetic should also look no further than XCOM: The Board Game, a modern classic focused on working together under extreme time pressure or just continue chugging along with a restock of Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails.

Plus we haven’t forgotten the wargamers either. Dropfleet Commander continues to grow from strength to strength as reinforcement waves of Battleships enter the fray and launch asset packs see waves of fighters, bombers  and ordnance swarming out of launch bays.

Roleplayers will be happy to know we’ve restocked the Dungeons & Dragons core book line alone with the ever popular Volo’s Guide to Monsters for Players and GMs with an adventurous streak.

So yeah. I’ll cut to the chase…

TL;DR: Awesome Games In.

  • Kenneth, Games @ PI  General Manager


New Board and Card Game Releases
Android: New Angeles
Android Netrunner: Martial Law Expansion
A Game of Thrones LCG: There is My Claim
Citadels Classic

Board and Card Game Restocks
Cash n’ Guns and Expansions
Catan and Expansions
Codenames: Pictures
Coup: Reformation
Lost Cities
Murder of Crows
Ticket to Ride Europe
Ticket to Ride First Journey
Ticket to Ride Rails and Sails
XCOM: The Board Game

Role Playing Game New Restocks
Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook
Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual
Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide
Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

Miniature Wargame New Releases
Dropfleet Commander UCM Beijing/New York/Tokyo Battleship Kit
Dropfleet Commander Scourge Daemon/Dragon Battleship Kit
Dropfleet Commander Shaltari Diamond/Platinum Battleship Kit
Dropfleet Commander Heracles/Minos Battleship Kit
Dropfleet Commander Launch Assets
Dropfleet Commander Modular Space Stations

Miniature Wargame Restocks
Dropfleet Commander Two-Player Starter Set
Dropfleet Commander UCM Starter Set
Dropfleet Commander PHR Starter Set
Dropfleet Commander Scourge Starter Set
Dropfleet Commander Shaltari Starter Set
Dropzone Commander Two-Player Starter Set
Star Wars X-Wing: Ghost
Star Wars X-Wing: Shadow Caster