Hey PI-Fans,

We’ve got nearly two-hundred different item lots going under the hammer, so it’s our pleasure to kick off the 2016 Games @ PI Auction.

Here’s how it’s going to be conducted. As mentioned before, the Auction is being conducted as a sealed bid auction. To participate, please follow the following steps.

1) Download the Games @ PI Auction Form HERE.

2) View the items at the following LINK. If you are unsure of the item condition or  wish to inspect it further, you are welcome to come down to the store and check out the items in person.

3) Submit a completed auction form with your indicated bids to info@pi.com.sg via email using the header “2016 Games At PI Auction“. Please submit using the original XLS format.

Please note that buyers will have the opportunity to submit ONE bid form for all the items they wish to bid on. If multiple bid forms are submitted, only the earliest by date stamp will be considered. If there are multiple winning bids, the item will be awarded to the earliest submitted bid.

Auction bidding closes on the 21st of August, 2016. No bids will be accepted after closing.

The winning bidder will be contacted via Email after the auction closes and will have until the 6th of September to collect their bids.

And as always, to the victor, go the spoils.

Good hunting, people.