Hey PI-Fans,

Kenneth here with another load of Monday restocks and as usual, it’s designed to cater to gamers of all types. In addition to restocks of classics like SplendorTakenoko, Machi Koro and Dixit, it’s time to grow those collections!
Empire players rejoice. Seinar Fleet Systems has heard your pleas and Star Wars X-Wing: Imperial Veterans is at hand. Crush the upstart Rebellion and keelhaul all those Scum privateers with all new variants and upgrades for the TIE Bomber and TIE Defenders.

There’s nothing subtle about the Troll Slayer Expansion Pack for Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game. It’s just a giant heap of fearless, axe-wielding, battlecry-screaming, death-dealing Dwarf. The Troll Slayer’s three hero cards, eight actions, and three legendary gear cards are all aimed squarely at leaping into the thick of combat, unarmored, and cutting down your foes.

The Witch Hunter Expansion Pack allows you to enjoy your Old World dungeon adventures as one of these grim and resolved holy warriors. You’ll find everything you need to add the Witch Hunter to your games of Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, including three hero cards, eight actions, and three items. Taken as a whole, these emphasize the Witch Hunter’s unfaltering dedication to her mission and lead toward a unique play style built around her unwavering pursuit of evil.


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