Hey PI-Fans,

As the first main line BattleTech novel since Endgame in 2002, (or if you prefer, To Ride The Chimera from the MechWarrior fiction line),  Embers of War has big shoes to fill.

Those of you who know me know I am fan of giant robots. And, as far as giant robots go, few science fiction properties have managed to grab me quite like the BattleTech universe.|

As fans like to say; “Came for the giant robots, stayed for the politics”.

And, as you can tell from the article title, I am bored. There are seven BattleMechs on the cover art of Embers of War.

So here’s the deal.

The first person to come in to Games @ PI and name all the BattleMech chassis on the cover to the counter staff gets this $6 Voucher Die.*

To the victor go went the spoils.

Hatchetman, Crusader, Orion, Centurion, Dragon, Banshee, Salamander