Start Collecting! Necrons Contents

Hi, my name is Dian and I will be starting doing on Necrons model. This is a first time for me to do this activity. I feel like Necrons will be the easier model for me to assemble and paint it compared to other models.Codex!

I first started off reading the codex to know about the race before working on the models. In summary, Necrons are an ancient race of skeleton looking robots who awakens from a deep sleep and have come back to fight and reclaim the galaxy from the younger races. I will be painting these models in the Nihilakh dynasty colour scheme but with just slight changes on the model here and there.

Necrons in PartsNecron Assemble

First, I assemble the twelve Necrons warriors. As you can see, most of the Necrons poses are hunched back. I will be putting the green stick for the gun later because I don’t want to get it dirty when I paint on other surfaces. So that shall be the last step.

Necrons Primed

After your glue has dried up on the models, it’s time to prime it! The models were air sprayed using black and white primer colours. Why? It is for identifying which surface touches light or shadow. Also, it helps the paint to last long on the models. At this stage, I learnt it is almost similar to UV texture painting on digital 3d models. For me, it was difficult to recognise where the shadow and light are placed when you do digital painting on models on the computer. But now, I can see and understand it better.

Metal Base

For the metal surfaces, I will be using Leadbelcher for the base and Runefang Steel for the highlight. But I will be painting the bases first before going onto the highlights and mid tones. Metal HighlightI feel that way I can visualise how the model really looks altogether with all the colours. It is easier for me to change the colour at this stage rather than going all detail on the model and then realising the colour does not suit on the model.

Chest Blue

Now, we add in the blue colour base for the armour. I learnt that for this model, I had to use a detail, thin brush to paint because of the small space in between the gun and the body armour. It is difficult to avoid getting the gun painted on but with care and precaution, I didn’t mess up on the gun a lot.

Stay tuned for my future updates!