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This Was A Triumph…

Hi PI-Fans, The week isn't done folks. Here's another wave of releases, including many new sought-after releases. Lets get down to it. The latest addition  to the Smash Up  "shufflebuilding" game: Take two twenty-card decks and shuffle them into a forty-card deck, then compete to smash more Bases than your opponents! Smash Up Munchkin brings Clerics, Halflings, Orcs, Warriors, Elves, Thieves, Dwarves and Mages to your Munchkin game, and bring the wacky antics of Steve Jackson's Munchkin card game to your Smash Up table. The latest titles in Seiji Kanai's smash hit Lost Legacy series, Lost Legacy: Vorpal Sword & Whitegold Spire and Lost Legacy: Third Chronicle – Sacred Grail & Staff of Dragons continue the  ongoing search for ruined components of the alien starship. Take charge of all new casts of characters and join the quest to find the Lost Legacies as you race to hold your discoveries against the prying eyes of the other players.   [...]

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Dice – Gamer Bling

Hey PI-Fans, Since we started the Ghastly Giveaway, we've had inquiries about how else they can obtain Games @ PI Voucher dice. Apparently, there's demand for them as more than swag. And since you asked... We've decided to put them up for sale. From now until 31st October, we'll be selling little gift baggies containing 5 different colored $6 dice vouchers at $30 each .* As an added bonus, any dice bag purchase nets you two Ghastly Giveaway tickets for the upcoming draw. So, whether you want them as a gift  (or just to add some  unique dice to your collection), well... nothing like the present.   - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager. * For obvious reasons, though, we unfortunately can't let you  buy dice with dice.

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