A Dicey Prospect

Hey PI-Fans, After that board game heavy reload over the weekend, we've taken the opportunity to take a step back this Monday and reload those dice racks. If you need a new set of polyhedral dice or maybe just one or two (to replace the ones you've ended up making an example of), now is the time. And as for all you miniature wargamers. we've not forgotten you either. In addition to a small shipment of X-Wing Force Awakens starters, we've managed to get our hands on some of those lovely DUST Tactics Operation Babylon kits. Quantities are limited, though, so move fast. I'll see you all on the battlefield. - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager __________________ New Miniature Wargame Release Dust Tactics Axis Konigslothar Heavy Walker Dust Tactics Axis Fox Cubs NDAK  Command Squad Dust Tactics Axis Sand Vipers NDAK Battle Grenadier Squad Dust Tactics Axis African Lions NDAK  Tank Hunter Squad [...]