Written By: Mokan
Edited By: Simon Joseph
Date of Review: 22/9/15

Shadowrun is a cyberpunk fantasy role playing game that is set in a fictional universe. Shadowrun has a unique and dynamic universe, with overarching storyline twisting and shaping the universe.

Shadowrun role playing game is a very successful game that has made its impact across many platforms like video games, action figure game, magazines art book, and novels. In Shadowrun, the player takes on the role of one of the pre-made characters or a custom made character, and go on adventures with other players.


Shadowrun Beginner Box Set provides players with pre generated characters, a simplified ruleset, and a ready to run adventure, a solo adventure for one character, adventure hooks and non-player character to throw into any situation. All this would add up to hours of excitement and adventure on the mean streets of the Sixth World. The Shadowrun Beginner Box Set is recommended for players who are new to the game or any other RPGs, as it limits the creation of characters and have lesser adventures as compared to others. This helps to keep it simple and be gentler on the learning curve for the new players.

Shadowrun Fifth Edition, is the latest edition of the highly anticipated role playing game. Besides the normal additions like more adventures. Shadowrun Fifth Edition, has rules for character creation, magic, combat, matrix hacking, rigging, and many more. This opens the doors for a more diverse gameplay. Shadowrun will appeal to those who like cyberpunk fantasy themed role playing games.

Shadowrun has everything a player would expect from a role playing game. Great storyline which evokes greater passion and drive to complete mission and the movie like feel when doing it, ever changing and evolving universe, which leads to variety of changes every edition and new feature to look forward to, and also a variety of adventures to play and succeed.