Dungeons & Dragons
Kew Sheng Yao
Date of review: 21/9/2015
Edited by: Simon Joseph

Have you ever wanted to create your own stories, or your own roleplaying character? Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game provides you with the tools to bring your fantasies to life. Imagine confronting majestic dragons in long forgotten ruins that are obsessively guarding their hoard.

Dungeons and Dragons is essentially a sandbox but also can be structured game where player choose its own story as the game goes on. The stories are narrated by a player that assumes the mantle of the Dungeon Master (DM), and is tasked with controlling certain things like the Non-Player Characters (NPC), environments, or monsters that will allow the players to embark on their own adventures. Player will also interact with the world to complete their quest.

Players are given the freedom of creating their own character like the races and class. They also can create a certain traits for the races. Once complete, the DM will announce a bit of the starting story. From there on, players will proceed to the game and do anything they want. The DM will also add stories into the player’s storyline to make it interesting.