Kew Sheng Yao
Date of review: 20/9/2015
Edited by: Simon Joseph

The famous resource, building, and trading board game by Klaus Teuber, Catan, is the rebranding of The Settlers of Catan first introduced two decades ago. The game can be played between 3 to 4 players, or 5 to 6 if you own the extension pack.

Players assume the role of settlers, each attempting to construct buildings while trying to gather resources by trading with the other players, in order to achieve the objective. There are several winning conditions; players can either acquire 10 victory points, having the largest army, or building the longest road.

Catan comes with a rulebook that contains images to assist newcomers to understand the game in a short amount of time. It implements the aspects of trading, building and gathering resources. It teaches players about risks and rewards as well.

This fast learning game has a family edition which is also the game as the original Catan but not applicable for any other expansions. For the junior edition, it’s for younger age that wants to learn as a head start. There is also a travel edition that allows 2 players to play, but it does not work with the other expansions.