Cards against Humanity

Written By: Mokan
Edited By: Simon Joseph
Date of Review: 21/9/15 

Cards against Humanity is the latest card game that has been creating a lot of buzz worldwide. Cards against Humanity, is not a typical card game you would have played before. As said in the cover itself, it is a “party game for horrible people”. And if you are not horrible person, well you probably be one during the game. That’s because of the content written on the cards.


If you can discard the negative words and sentences you would end up making up, there is definitely a lot of humour and fun to take away from each round.

This game is played by having one player to be the person posing the question by playing the black card and the rest trying to answer the question by playing a white card from their hand. The victor of the game would be the player with the most number of points. To score points, player must get their answer card chosen by the questionnaire.

What differentiates this game from other card games is that besides the rather offensive nature of the content, Cards against Humanity does not require much creative input from the players. Other games require the players to think and be creative for the game to be interesting. This game does not required it. The questions and all the one liner punchlines are all included in the game, so all we need to do is, play the cards. To express your creativity, there are also blank cards in which you can add your own answers to make the game more randomly awesome.

Cards against Humanity is an excellent party game that could give hours of fun to people playing it, and even to those watching it.