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A Gloomy Monday

Hey PI-Fans, Looking for something to kick off the week with a smile? Try Three Cheers For Master, a new card game where minions, in a frantic attempt to cheer up their disgruntled boss, have decided the stack themselves up in acrobatic displays. Unfortunately, dungeon denizens don't stack very well, occasionally leading to the odd fatality and collapsed tower. Carrying on the theme of a bleak monday is more Gloom than you can shake a stick at, including the brand new Fairytale Gloom and Munchkin Gloom core sets and the Unquiet Dead expansion. We've also gotten Unwelcome Guests, Unfortunate Expeditions and Unhappy Homes back in as well, so if you're looking to round out your unhappy families, the time is now. Rounding out the rather dark theme of today's releases is Murder of Crows, a fast paced little game of murder most fowl, as players battle each other to drop their hand [...]

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Settling for Catan

Hey PI-Fans, It's a bestselling board game for a reason, folk. And in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Played vanilla Catan  to death? Try one of the various expansions and shake things up. Build your armies and prepare for invasion in Cities and Knights, build trade routes across the ocean in Seafarers, shake things up with barbarians, fishermen, gold nuggets and more in Traders and Barbarians or explore the uncharted islands beyond the sea in Explorers and Pirates. Want a portable version of Catan? Try the Traveler edition, with all the classic strategy of Catan alongside special two-player rules, for those who struggle to get the group together! Yep. You can now play Catan with 2-4 players. Would you settle for that? – Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager ___________________________________________________________________________ New Board Game Releases Catan Travelers Edition Extra Extra Flea Market Board Game Restocks Android Netrunner Creation and Control Expansion Catan Catan [...]

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Monday Restocks

Hey PI-Fans, We've been spending a bit of time in Westeros recently, and were wondering if you'd care to join us. Yep. The Games of Thrones  Board Game and the Westeros Intrigue Card Game are back in stock at Games @ PI. Not into this fantasy thing? Perhaps you'd like to visit the Neo-Future NBN stronghold of Android Netrunner's "Old Hollywood". Let's go, runners. – Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager ___________________________________________________________________________ New Board Game Releases A Game of Thrones Board Game: A Dance With Dragons Expansion A Game of Thrones Board Game: A Feast of Crows Expansion Android Netrunner: Old Hollywood The Undercity: An Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game Board Game Restocks A Game of Thrones Board Game Cosmic Encounters Hobby Supplies Restocks Chessex Dice Restocks Army Painter Basecoating Brush Army Painter Highlighting Brush Army Painter Precise Detail Brush Army Painter Stippling Brush Army Painter Large Drybrush Army Painter Character Brush Army [...]

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Rocking a Reload

Hey PI-Fans, I've probably hit the limits of my admittedly minimal repair abilities. I have a functioning site. It's good enough for now to make an announcement... Restocks are in folks, and this one's a big one. The Spiel des Jahres winning Colt Express is back, so load your revolvers and step up for a wild train ride. Build a city with Machi Koro, or wage a war of deities with Elysium. Lie to your friends as you conceal your identity in Mascarade or muster your harem of maids in Tanto Cuore. Venture back into the dungeon with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game or kick of another great adventure with the Dungeon and Dragons Board Game. Lets get with the action. – Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager ___________________________________________________________________________ New Board Game Releases Dilbert: The Board Game Dobble The Medieval Academy Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Sword of Valor Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Demon's Heresy Tanto [...]

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It’s Sort of a SG50 Sale I Guess…

Hey PI-Fans, How's your National Day Weekend? While the repair crews continue plugging away at the website, I figured we should mention we're handing out vouchers this weekend! Every $50 spent in a single receipt entitles you to a $5 Voucher, usable from 11th August to 30th September! So, if you've been eyeing a shiny new board game or pretty miniature, now might be the best time to grab it! – Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

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