A Short Ramble About The Pandemic, and Pandemic.

Hey PI-Fans,

We’ve got a new release in the form of Pandemic: Hot Zone – North America, a fast playing version of the popular board game Pandemic!

You can grab your own copy here!

And what better way to celebrate the roll-out that to have a familiar face pop in to review it?

Take it away, Jack!

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

The parts tray isn’t part of the box contents, but we agree that Jack’s got a good thing going with this nifty add on.

The word ‘pandemic’ has recently been added to everyone’s lexicon, with the Coronavirus running rampant globally. To combat this, businesses have been shut down, public spaces closed, and we’ve been encouraged to self-isolate. Not the most fun of times.

Looking on the bright side, however, I’ve been able to spend more time with my family and I’ve been introducing them to board games. One of these games has been Pandemic: Hot Zone – North America, the latest addition to the Pandemic franchise. Here’s my take on a game appropriate for the world we live in today.

TLDR: Portable and easy to grasp, with full 2-4 player support. Definitely worth picking up if you don’t already own a Pandemic game. Worth considering even if you have Pandemic, for shorter and snappier games with a smaller footprint perfect for those who do not have a dedicated gaming table.

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