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Android: Netrunner

Android: Netrunner  Written By: Mokan Edited By: Simon Joseph Date of Review: 21/9/2015 Android: Netrunner is an asymmetrical Living Card Game (LCG) for two players. The theme of the game is cyberpunk. Before the start of the game, the two players decides amongst themselves as to which role they will be utilising, the Corporation, or the Runner. For both the sides the winning condition would be to reach seven points. If you play as the Corporation, your goal would be to score agendas by advancing the agendas. The Corporation would need time and credits to advance this agendas to their desired state. To act as a layer of protection and time buying measure, the Corporation would need to install “Ice”. “Ice” is in simple terms a security program that the Corporation has in order to stop any attack from the Runners. As for the Runners, they need to spend time and [...]

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Love Letter and its derivatives

Love Letter Written By: Mokan Edited By: Simon Joseph Date of Review: 22/9/15  Love Letter, is a quick and easy to learn card game. Love Letter is primarily a strategy game that requires players to make careful deduction of their cards and also that of their opponent. Love Letter caters to 2 to 4 players, and should not take more than 10 minutes per round. Love Letter revolves around a plot where the player has to deliver their love letter to the princess to gain her love. The winning condition would be to get their love letter closest to the princess . There are only sixteen cards in the game. The cards represents the different characters and they all have varying degree of influence towards the princess. In the end, the player with the character that has the highest influence rating would win the round. Each character has a different [...]

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Resistance, Coup and its derivatives.

Avalon Kew Sheng Yao Date of review: 16/9/2015 Edited by: Simon Joseph Avalon is the revamp of Don Eskridge’s The Resistance and is a standalone game. It can be played by 5 to 10 players and on average lasts around 30 minutes of game time. Like The Resistance, Avalon has similar gameplay and mechanics, however, it aims to create a different feel to the environment during the gameplay with the introduction of new characters. Example like there is a new character called merlin, merlin knows everyone’s role other than tone specific role. No one else knows who merlin is. Avalon and The Resistance are compatible therefore you can combine them. Some would ask ‘if Avalon is a stand-alone game that is similar to The Resistance, why should I buy The Resistance?’ Each of the game has its own unique features. In the case of Avalon, it is placed in medieval [...]

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Bang! the various games

Bang! Kew Sheng Yao Date of review: 19/9/2015 Edited by: Simon Joseph Both cowboys face each other to a showdown. As the heavy wind blows across the battle arena, tension increases. Bang! Shots fired, who would be the last man standing? If you like the sound of it, then get the guns rolling and ready to rock and roll cause Bang! Is coming to you! Bang! is a four to seven player fast pace game where the brave and heroic sheriff must eliminate the barbaric outlaws and the sneaky renegade to safe the town. Meanwhile, the barbaric outlaw will have to eliminate the sheriff to rule over the town, the renegade will get caught in the middle and will plan out it’s sneaky plans to make sure that it will survive this ordeal and be the last man standing. The thing about Bang! is that each role has a unique [...]

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Dixit Kew Sheng Yao Date of review: 17/9/2015 Edited by: Simon Joseph Have you ever wondered how a picture is worth a thousand words? Look no further than Dixit as it is a narrative driven game that taps on the player’s imagination. The game is designed for 3 to 6 players and a standard game lasts around 30 minutes or so. At the start, each player will draw 6 fascinating cards. A designated ‘story teller’ chooses a card and places it faced down. Then the storyteller will be using words, phrases, stories, or even actions to describe the card while others guess and place a card face down, trying to match the card with the storyteller’s description. The cards are then shuffle and place face up in a row. Each player (Other than the story teller) has to guess which card belongs to the story teller and vote. Then the card’s owner [...]

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Gloom Written By: Mokan Edited By: Simon Joseph Date of Review: 21/9/15 Gloom is a gothic, storytelling card game that caters to 2 to 4 players. Gloom is published by Atlas Games. The game takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. In Gloom, a player takes control of a family of five and the player must manipulate the fates of this family. The goal of the game is simple and a tad bit depressive; the player with the most miserable family wins the game. As for gameplay, players take turns to narrate a storyline for the characters with their hand cards. Optimally playing the negative cards like Pursued by Poodles or Mocked by Midgets onto their own line of family and playing joyous moments of life like Marriages to other families. When all the 5 member of a family dies, the game ends. With that the points of all dead members [...]

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Munchkin Written By: Mokan Edited By: Simon Joseph Date of Review: 21/9/15 Teaming up with friends, backstabbing them when they least expect it or just battling legendary monsters is commonplace in Munchkin. If any of the above appeals to you, perhaps you should give Munchkin a shot! Munchkin caters to 3 to 6 players. Munchkin has a game time of approximately 60 minutes. Munchkin is a fantasy card game in which players would have to embark on an adventure through a dungeon and face mighty monsters along their path. The goal of the player is to reach level 10 before the others do. In a regular turn, players would have to “break down the door”, and if they encounter any monster, they have to fight it. If the monster are too strong for the player to fight it down alone, player can ask for help from other players, and thats [...]

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Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride Written By: Mokan Edited By: Simon Joseph Date of Review: 21/9/15 Ticket to Ride is a game that requires the players to strategize and adapt their moves to the situation in order to outwit, outplay and outscore others .The game is designed for 2 – 5 players and the playtime for a round of this game would range from 30 to 60 minutes. In Ticket to Ride, players are attempting to claim train routes between various cities. Claiming train routes rewards the player with victory points .Victory points are used to determine the final winner of the game .There are two types of cards in this game, the train card and the destination ticket card. The train card is needed to place the train token onto the map. The destination ticket card gives a train route for the player to build. The player would be able to [...]

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Warhammer 40,000

Warhammer 40,000 Kew Sheng Yao Date of review: 23/9/2015 Edited by: Simon Joseph   Heavy vehicles rolling onto the peaceful land, goliath walking to the hills, destroying anything in its path. Flying creatures screams, monstrous breeding creature spawning ground armies, all charging towards the heavy metal armies. Missiles launching, guns fired. Turning once a peaceful place into a horrendous battlefield in Warhammer 40,000. Warhammer 40,000 is a Sci-fi role-playing game. It has similar mechanics like moving phase, however, more complicated than the other Warhammer series.   The difference between Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is that it Warhammer 40,000 is a futuristic sci-fi, with advance weaponries vs against alien monsters while Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is more from the past with old weaponries. Warhammer 40,000 has more action in terms shooting while Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is more towards melee close range attacks.   If the sound of [...]

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Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

Age of Sigmar Reviewed by Simon Joseph Date of Review: September 18th, 2015 If you already are familiar with the Warhammer franchise by Games Workshop, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is the revamp (or reboot) of Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fantasy. For the uninitiated, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is a tabletop miniature war game that has its players to clash their armies in climatic battles. As with the most tabletop miniature war games, players spend weeks and months (or even years in some cases) collecting, painting, and assembling their armies. With that said, some perceive the Warhammer franchise as more of a hobby than a game. So how does Warhammer: Age of Sigmar play? Unlike its predecessor, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is really simple to pick up, even for new players. The rules are simple enough for most to understand. With the removal of the point system that was in Warhammer: Fantasy, [...]

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