Kew Sheng Yao
Date of review: 19/9/2015
Edited by: Simon Joseph

Both cowboys face each other to a showdown. As the heavy wind blows across the battle arena, tension increases. Bang! Shots fired, who would be the last man standing? If you like the sound of it, then get the guns rolling and ready to rock and roll cause Bang! Is coming to you!

Bang! is a four to seven player fast pace game where the brave and heroic sheriff must eliminate the barbaric outlaws and the sneaky renegade to safe the town. Meanwhile, the barbaric outlaw will have to eliminate the sheriff to rule over the town, the renegade will get caught in the middle and will plan out it’s sneaky plans to make sure that it will survive this ordeal and be the last man standing. The thing about Bang! is that each role has a unique ability and goal in the game.

Bang! aims to create an old western shoot out feel. It’s like the lovely Wild West themed. For those that enjoy games that has this kind of theme, Bang! is the choice for you.