Love Letter

Written By: Mokan
Edited By: Simon Joseph
Date of Review: 22/9/15 

Love Letter, is a quick and easy to learn card game. Love Letter is primarily a strategy game that requires players to make careful deduction of their cards and also that of their opponent. Love Letter caters to 2 to 4 players, and should not take more than 10 minutes per round.

Love letter 2

Love Letter revolves around a plot where the player has to deliver their love letter to the princess to gain her love. The winning condition would be to get their love letter closest to the princess . There are only sixteen cards in the game. The cards represents the different characters and they all have varying degree of influence towards the princess. In the end, the player with the character that has the highest influence rating would win the round. Each character has a different card effects that might cause players to be knocked out of the round. Each round is fairly quick and the outcome of the game is decided over a number of rounds.

Other derivatives of Love Letter would be Love Letter: Legend of Five Rings, Lost Legacy (The Starship), Love Letter (Batman), and Loot Letter (Collaboration of Munchkins and Love Letters).All of this has very similar gameplay as to the original Love Letter. These games however do have small changes in terms of art and gameplay to cater for the theme that they are designed in.

For a game that comprises of a mere 16 cards to cater for its gameplay, it is quite diversified and it does evoke a number of emotions along the game. Needless to say, keeping you entertained the whole time. This is a great game that cater to almost all kinds of players. Anyone who is looking to have a quick game session with a group up to four people, would definitely enjoy this game.